Winter Wedding Photography in Colorado: Megan + Anthony



Okay, you know the typical routine for wedding blog posts “It was a beautiful day at such-and-such a venue, the bride and groom were awesome, their gorgeous cake was by such-and-such…” You get the point. Bleh, boring, and what does that even say to our readers? Jason and I have decided to both author our ‘take’ in every wedding post about how we each experienced the events. Hopefully this will be more fun for us and for you!
Gina’s Take
We finished up our 2010 wedding season on Dec 30th with Megan and Anthony. Hanging out, shooting, and experiencing their love made me not want our season to end! The wedding day is the best part of what we do and I didn’t want to take a break from this. It was kind of surreal to be shooting our last wedding from our busiest year to date. What is it about a new year that makes me equally reminiscent about that past and excited for the future? The setting only added emotion my thoughts turned contemplative… a fire crackling in the hearth, the history of the Cliff House surrounding us, the snow falling outside. I thought about our past year, the people I love who have become so important in my life, doing what I love with the man I love, and what this next year holds for us. I wonder if the things that ran through my head that day are what made Megan and Anthony choose to spend a wedding week with their guests in a quirky little town they love at a hotel steeped with history. All I know is that on their wedding day they laughed a lot, were showered with love, and did what mattered most to them. Not a bad way to start a new chapter of life together.

Jason’s Take
I was excited for the snow. I had ideas running through my head about what it would be like to take Megan and Anthony through downtown Manitou Sprngs for some wintery wedding photography fun. A huge snowstorm was forecast for Manitou Springs that day. We drove down from Denver in the sun… with the cold front on our heels. We arrived about an hour early and watched as storm unleashed its fury. The Cliff House gave us a primo spot in their parking garage and we went to work! Turns out, a couple of hours later when I was ready to party in the snow with the bride and groom after their first look, the weather had another thing in mind. Stepping outside was like standing on top of Everest – cold enough to take your breath away. I had hoped that the snow fall would be like light feathers falling from the sky. Rather, it was like millions of pieces of glass, flying horizontally, enough to sting a bit. To document this crazy blizzard, Megan and Anthony ventured onto the front deck of the Cliff House for a few quick photos – before frostbite could take hold.

The true warmth of the day was felt indoors – with gentle wordless exchanges between Megan and Anthony – better than any pre-conceived ideas I had in mind.


P.S. Thank you, Anthony, for insisting on purchasing us a room for the night. The warmth of the Cliff House beat the socks off of driving back to Denver in a blizzard!


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