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Winter Engagement Photos

There's nothing better than Winter engagement photos in Vail, Colorado in December. It's one of the most beautiful places for engagement photography year round. This photography team loves engagement sessions and destination weddings in Vail.

Winter Engagement Photography

Winter engagement photography in on the ski slopes captures moments between a couple doing something they absolutely love. This couple enjoys snowboarding in Vail every year together. This year, as an engaged couple, they thought it would be perfect to plan their engagement session around the holidays - while they visited family in Vail.

Engagement Photos on Snowboards

Clients often ask Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers if it would be possible to take engagement photos on snowboards in the Colorado high country. These photographers absolutely love shooting anywhere in the Colorado outdoors. Vail is known as one of the best mountains to snowboard in Colorado. It's a perfect place for engagement photography while skiing or snowboarding

Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers are known among the top wedding photographers in Colorado for outdoor, sun-drenched weddings.

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Shelby + Chapman | Engaged



Gina’s Take
We have gotten more inquiries for skiing/snowboarding engagement sessions this winter than we’ve ever gotten. It’s awesome! I, however, am pregnant. Knowing I’m not skilled enough on my snowboard to avoid major falls (even before I was sporting a real bump I couldn’t take the chance), I sit home while Jason “works”. Yes, “work” is in quotations because shooting and boarding are two of his favorite things and I can’t quite call it work (but maybe I’m just bitter about not being there with him) :). Even not pregnant, I don’t think I’d trust myself yet with my camera… but I would enjoy the rest of the day hanging out with my husband on the slopes and photographing an awesome couple sans gear in town. So, while I am stoked we are booking clients who love strapping a board on their feet and kissing with goggles and helmets on, I just hope it continues next year so I can get in on the fun!
Jason’s Take
Perfect light + fantastic couple + snowboarding = perfect day! Need I say more?


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