Winter Engagement Photography in Denver | Michelle + Jordan


Gina’s Take
Michelle actually stood in a snow drift for a couple of shots in her cute black pumps (thanks go to Jordan for gallantly stomping a spot for her to stay relatively dry). How crazy cool is she? This is why I love our brides. While they enjoy being cute, it doesn’t stop them from getting a little dirty, or in this case, wet and cold. Not stiff and plastic, but real, natural, and beautiful. On Michelle and Jordan’s wedding day, we will be paying attention to her feet for a different reason… she’ll be wearing green sneakers (Jordan will be sporting his own pair of cook kicks, too)!

We, of course, have to give a shout out to A Touch of Bliss for bringing us together 🙂
Jason’s Take
I would love to wear my PUMAs for their wedding… we’ll have to chat about that. Only in Colorado can a foot of snow fall one day, and a couple of days later, it is sixty-five degrees and sunny! I didn’t wear shorts for Michelle and Jordan’s engagement shoot but I could have. The afternoon sun in February was a welcome friend after a week of sub-zero temperatures in Denver. I’m so thankful that we were able to connect with Michelle and Jordan for the first time (in person) that February afternoon, have a couple of Coors Lights, and enjoy a rich, sun-drenched, afternoon together. We can’t wait for their engagement session (part-two) with their puppy when they come back to town in a few weeks!


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