Westin Beaver Creek Wedding Photos: Lisa+Dave


Gina’s Take
Sweet tea vodka + lemonade = Summer in a glass. Cool, refreshing, and smooth… deceptively delicious. It’s the perfect cool-down for sweltering afternoon working in the yard, a refreshing accompaniment for an evening BBQ and a treat anytime you need to unwind and kick your feet up. Thank you Lisa and Dave for insisting I try a glass (at their pre-wedding day shoot) of my new favorite drink! It only stands to reason that I was introduced to this fantastic drink over July 4th weekend, the culmination of everything I love about Summer and America. BBQ’s, family and friends, fireworks, lazy afternoons, and celebration of this great country. Lisa and Dave’s July 3rd wedding was a perfect place to be on the eve of our country’s birthday. Great, great people, excellent food, a gorgeous venue (Westin Beaver Creek) showing off one of the most beautiful places in the country, and a firework show were just a few of the highlights. Not to mention a Croatian toast, a bride dancing with a mustache, and seeing a number of ER docs get down! I loved getting to know Lisa and Dave during their pre-wedding photo session and their wedding day. They were a terribly sweet couple… gracious and kind… and full of so much life. Lisa is a long lost friend of Jason’s and I think we have now made friends for life.
Jason’s Take
When Lisa called me last summer after 15 years of life had passed since we last connected, I was totally bummed to tell her that we were already book for July 2nd. She quickly, “Oh, that’s no problem – are you open on the 3rd? We’ll just get married then!” It turned out to be the perfect day (as Gina described). Lisa and I were friends when we were in middle/high school. We were both incredibly driven gymnasts.

Time flies – and fifteen years later, we’re both still doing something we’re absolutely passionate about. Only this time it doesn’t require flying off a high bar, perfecting the iron cross, and there is no chalk involved, unless it’s the sidewalk variety! I’m a wedding photographer and she’s an ER physician… and we’re both still crazy driven to be successful. One area she definitely gets a great score in is with Dave. He is a great guy. Dave and I got to know each other over a couple of days we spent with them in Vail and Beaver Creek. I’m thrilled that she had the flexibility to adjust her wedding date so that Gina and I could shoot and celebrate with them (and the free firework show in Beaver Creek was a bonus!). We topped the night off after all the guests had left by dancing, just the four of us, to one of our favorite songs of 2011 (I won’t openly admit what that song is – I’ll give blog commenters 10 guesses. After the 10th comment – I’ll reveal!)

Thank you Julie (Classic Creations) and Alicia (Bella Fiori) for orchestrating an incredible ceremony and reception for our good friends!!


Jason’s Favorite Image (below): Lisa’s dad, Vince. Great guy, lots of emotion.


Gina’s Favorite Image: My favorite because who doesn’t love fireworks??? Great shot Jason 🙂


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