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Vail wedding photographers, Jason+Gina, are outdoor wedding photography specialists for Vail weddings, especially on the Vail wedding deck. They have a fantastic ability to capture amazing wedding photos in the Colorado outdoors. Couples from around the world travel to Vail for their destination wedding and love the beauty of the outdoors as well as all that Vail has to offer for their guests. Vail is a fantastic location for weddings year round. Known for its elegance, prestige, and natural beauty, this Colorado mountain town is one of Jason and Gina's favorite places in the world for wedding photos.

Vail Wedding Deck Photos

Couples who plan their wedding in Vail love to capture Vail wedding deck photos. Among the array of wedding decks on the top of mountains in Colorado, these photographers believe the Vail wedding deck is the most awe-inspiring. The mountain views are incredible. The privacy of this wedding deck gives the bride, groom, and guests the feeling that they're isolated in one of the most beautiful spots on earth. Snow capped peaks surround the wedding deck in the early Spring. Vast fall colors blanket the valleys in the Autumn. The Vail wedding deck is superb for local and destination weddings.

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This husband and wife photography team tend to book weddings six to twelve months in advance. People often rave about the wedding photos they're able to capture. With an eye for fine art wedding photos, these photographers document weddings from start to finish. They love arriving early in the day as the bride is preparing for her wedding - and stay through the end of the wedding, especially when there is a grand send-off. Their nature is to be inconspicuous, while at the same time, making sure they 'get the shot'.

Considered by many to be among the best wedding photographers, Jason & Gina, receive fantastic reviews. Their clients would agree that they are the top photographers for Vail wedding.

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Carina + James | Married



Gina’s Take
Carina and James live in Wisconsin, but their hearts are in Colorado. He is a CU alumni and their favorite getaway spot is Vail. That’s why this couple from America’s Dairyland literally had no choice but to get married on the Vail wedding deck. If you’ve visited Vail and never taken the gondola ride to the top, you’re missing out on possibly my favorite view of the Rocky Mountains… easily accessible view, that is. It was beautifully cloudy and dramatic for the ceremony. A touch rainy… well, quite rainy… but Carina laughed through it!

They incorporated their love of wine into their day as well. Adorable aside: he proposed over a vintage bottle of one their favorite wines in the same restaurant that he first said he loved her! Oh, and he even planned to have them sit at the same table. Ridiculously romantic, right? Had Jason chosen to propose to me in the same fashion, it probably wouldn’t have gone off quite the same. Our first date was lunch, at Chipotle. Now that I think about it, I wouldn’t have been surprised had he proposed there… and, a little shamefully, I might have loved it lol! Just in case – Jason, NYC was a much better choice than Chipotle. Ok, back to wine! Their decor was amazing!! Wine box centerpieces with flowers flowing out the tops, cork table card holders, wine barrels as cocktail tables. It was earthy and elegant (well done Julie with Classic Creations).

Jason’s Take
I love it when Gina writes her ‘take’ first… In a perfect world, Gina, I would have proposed to you at a Chipotle in New York (why didn’t I think of that?). Remember when we got lost, having walked nearly a marathon as curious tourists, and spotted a Chipotle? I think that may have been the best fajita burrito I’ve ever enjoyed with you.

Now back to the show. Carina’s smile is contagious, to say the least. James has a way of bringing out her smile all the time. In fact, what I remember most from our time with them (including their engagement session) is her smile. She is so vivacious, so happy…

Thank you to all the vendors who made this a fantastic day for Carina and James:
Event Design: Classic Creations
Floral: Bella Fiori
Linens: Chair Cover & Linens
DJ: Dance Trax Entertainment
Decor: Designworks
Venue: Donovan Pavilion
Catering: Footers Catering
Makeup: Lady Charm Artistry
Vail Wedding Deck: Vail Mountain Group Sales