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If you're planning an engagement session in Vail, you've found the right photographers. The team at Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers loves engagement photography in Vail, Colorado. They specialize in outdoor wedding and engagement pictures. You'll find their work featured in some of the top wedding blogs throughout the world.

Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers specialize in outdoor wedding photography in the Colorado mountains and sunny locations around the world..

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Tiana + Spencer | Engaged


Zach’s Take
Some days everything just seems to come together. The light, location, time of year, and (of course) the couple. Tiana and Spencer’s afternoon was just one of those days. Mountain engagement sessions, especially in Vail, are some of my favorite. The 360 degree views of the Gore range is incredible. Then, when you take a short walk up the hill, you have a completely different setting! There is something magical that happens to a recently engaged couple when they walk through a meadow holding hands or squeeze in tight sitting on the forest bed deep in the Aspen groves… they loose the awareness of a camera and simply enjoy each other, and that makes for great pictures!
Jason & Gina’s Take
One of the things we love the most about having partner photographers as part of our team is how it enables us to be in more than one place at a time. We are often fortunate to enjoy shooting on a beautiful day with our clients and THEN we get to relive those same gorgeous afternoons through our partners’ lenses. Well done Zach!