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Denver Engagement Photos

Couples often request that Jason and Gina capture their Denver engagement photos in urban settings throughout town. Denver has dozens of amazing engagement photography locations. From alleys to streets to walls with graffiti, engagement photography is a collaborative process between photographer and clients. The philosophy of this wedding photography team is to help couples feel completely at ease in their element. Couples choose the location of the engagement session while the photographers find the most creative way to make amazing pictures.

Engagement Photography Denver

Engagement photography is an important part of a wedding photography package. It literally gives the couple an opportunity to 'practice' being themselves in front of two photographers. Clients often turn their engagement photos into wedding guestbooks, framed prints, and canvas wraps.

Wedding Photography Denver

Wedding photography in Denver provides a variety of environments for great pictures. From the sun-drenched streets to magnificent architectural structures - Denver is a fantastic place for weddings. Couples often choose Denver for their wedding because of both the proximity to world class venues and the majestic Rocky Mountains.

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Urban Engagement Session in Denver | Joanne+Steve


Gina’s Take
There are places that are great for engagement photos – and places that are not. Industrial areas are great. Places where we hear bone saws are not. We were walking around downtown Denver with Joanne and Steve and happened upon this really cool alley. Of course, we had to explore the photographic possibilities it might have! Jason stayed at a distance to shoot while Joanne, Steve, and I walked through to the other side of the alley. We walked straight into a terrible, vomit-inducing smell. Through an open door, we saw workers chopping what we later decided (gag me) could only be animal parts. We all made it to the other side, rallied, and got some sweet shots!┬áThe lesson of the day is explore, cautiously!
Jason’s Take
I’m always anxious before I have my picture taken. A few weeks ago, our good friends Josh and Drew (who both happen to be great photographers) took Gina and I out for a shoot. Just for fun. Gina and I are always looking to add a few photos to our walls. I wasn’t worried about the photos, or that we wouldn’t look good. There’s just that challenging feeling of being in the spotlight – center stage. I deeply prefer to be on the other side of the camera. It feels safer there.

I have to hand it you, our fantastic couples, who have the courage to get out there in front of the camera (with a beer or two in you or absolutely sober). You are all remarkable. Stepping boldly into the intimacy of being photographed, you allow yourselves to feel vulnerable, close and affectionate with each other. You trust us. I thank you for the opportunity.

Cheers to you Joanne and Steve! Courageous, trusting, affectionate, and playful. Thank you!