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Destination Wedding Photography Team

Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers specialize in outdoor destination weddings. The Colorado based destination wedding photography team consists of husband and wife - Jason and Gina. Whether clients tastes are drawn to more fine art wedding photography, contemporary wedding photography, wedding photojournalism or anything in between, Jason and Gina deliver amazing wedding photos at destination weddings around the world.

Turtle Bay Wedding

Turtle Bay Weddings may be our favorite destination wedding location so far. From the moment touch down in Oahu, Hawaii to those final moments on the beach, our Dream wedding package more than covers all of your photography needs. Hiring wedding photographers to travel to your destination wedding is simple. Simply book one of our packages - and pay only for travel and accommodations at your destination wedding. We always over deliver at destination weddings as we documenting a couple's travel lifestyle from start to finish.

Destination Wedding Photos

The only timeless piece of your out of town wedding is your destination wedding photos. Whether you are planning your destination wedding in Denver, Colorado, Vail, Aspen, Beaver Creek, Telluride, or at an international location, Jason and Gina are ready to travel to your destination. As a husband and wife wedding photography team we are dedicated to documenting destination weddings. Whether it is trashing your dress on a Hawaiian beach, or heading out on a catamaran ride, we will have our swimming suits and sunscreen ready.

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Turtle Bay Resort Wedding Photography | Lacey + Nick


Jason’s Take
I arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii at 2:30 on Monday afternoon with Julie Gambrell (fantastic wedding designer – Classic Creations). Honestly, all I wanted was Chipotle. I quickly discovered that the nearest Chipotle was an ocean away. After a few deep, calming, breaths of warm Pacific air, I settled on the fact that it is ‘okay’ that there’s not my perfect restaurant in Hawaii. Rather, on the North Shore, there were these little trucks (or permanently placed school busses) with the world’s best fresh shrimp plates. I couldn’t believe how satisfying a plate of shrimp could be, served out of the back of a bus, after a surfing lesson.

On another note… During the surfing lesson, while I was paddling back out to the breakers,  I spotted a monk seal right next to me and my board. Surreal to say the least! When I told Gina about the seal spotting (instead of being excited) she gasped, paused, and said, “You know… sharks love seals.” Gina may not have entered the water. Period. She has a fierce fear of sharks (yet watches every episode of Shark Week). The last picture of this post is of a monk seal that came up onto the beach during the trash the dress session. I’m pretty sure Gina would have locked herself in the car right about then.

Lacey and Nick were the most gracious couple I think I’ve ever met. When Gina and I travel for weddings, we give our time to the couple. Whatever they want/need – we’re committed to it. During this solo trip, Lacey and Nick continually checked in to make sure I was having a wonderful time and made sure that I took all the time in the world to explore the North Shore.

Thank you – Lacy and Nick. I had a wonderful experience in Hawaii – and have even fonder memories of our times together on the beach, documenting the beginning of your new chapter in life.

Thank you – Julie Gambrell (Classic Creations). We share some really fun experiences spotting turtles, exploring shrimp stands, surfing, walking in volcanic craters, and of course Skyping home to our families while driving on the North Shore highway.
Gina’s Take
Sharks terrify me. 🙂