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This husband and wife wedding photography team love Keystone wedding photography. This small town in the Colorado Mountains is a beautiful place to snowboard in the winter and get married in the Summer. Some of the best wedding venues are located on top of Keystone mountain, including, Timber Ridge. The natural surrounding and beauty of the Rocky Mountains make a perfect backdrop for a destination wedding in Colorado.

Timber Ridge Wedding Photographers

Jason and Gina are Timber Ridge wedding photographers for weddings in Keystone, Colorado. This photography team specializes in weddings in the Colorado mountains. Timber Ridge is an incredible wedding venue for couples who love natural elegance and need a lot of space. The rustic feel of the lodge as well as the upscale decor make for a perfect mountain wedding location.

Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers are Colorado wedding photographers who love shooting weddings in Keystone, Colorado.

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Lisa + Adam | Married



Gina’s Take
Lisa not your typical bride. She’s beautiful. Her beaded snow white wedding gown fit her perfectly. She spent hours pouring over the details of her wedding day. That all sounds pretty typical, right? How about this one… She went mountain biking the day before her wedding. She also ran out of time to get her nails done because of said mountain biking. Oh, and her shins? All scraped up. Plus a lovely fading scar on her shoulder from a fall off her bike the previous week! Perfectly unceremonious for us. For Lisa and Adam, their wedding was a chance to do what they love, marry the one they love while surrounded by people they love. They didn’t get caught up trying to make themselves fit into a stereotypical mold. They molded their celebration around who they are. I’m glad they did. They were wonderfully at ease, had a blast, made their dogs part of the ceremony, and ran down the side of a mountain for pictures. She had more fun dashing down a grassy ski slope than I’ve ever seen a woman in a white dress have. The best part is… if she fell and ended up in a dusty ball with grass sticking out of her hair, she would still be laughing.

Jason’s Take
It’s hard to find a guy that loves fly fishing more than I do… but I think I found the group of guys that take the cake. Adam’s groomsmen would literally miss the wedding if an opportunity to fly fish presented itself. From trout skin colored flasks, to dry fly boutonnieres, these guys were totally legit. Lisa even convinced Adam to do an engagement session while fly fishing – perfect!

Adam is the type of person who’s lifestyle is a reminder to me that living your dream is not an option, it’s a must. His passion for the outdoors (and fly fishing) stirs my passions for fly fishing, backpacking, running, and my new love of flying (I just earned my private pilot certificate). Adam… thank you for the reminder.