Sunrise Engagement Photography | Lindsey + Huy


Jason’s Take
I love waking up early. Very early. Coffee, Grape Nuts, and the iPad are the perfect morning recipe for me. I love the quiet of the early hours, the solitude, the freedom from phone and e-mail. It was a perfect 5am wake up call for me on the morning of Lindsey and Huy’s engagement session. Crazy schedules on the week of the shoot gave us one opportunity to get together… at sunrise, in Evergreen. Perfect! The air was crisp, fresh, and made me feel as though it had never been touched by the city. The light was brilliant as the sun inched above the ridge. Little did we know… that when their wedding was to arrive a month later, we would be up well before dawn (more on that on their wedding post!).
Gina’s Take
I’m not a morning person. I’m not a night owl. I peak “mid-day”. I love going to bed early, sleeping in late, and naps at any time lol… and I married a man who wishes he could cut out sleep all together. I’m not sure what went wrong! Lindsey and Huy were great sports planning for a sunrise session and their willingness to do their engagement session differently definitely paid off.  Although I was not involved in this early morning shoot, Lindsey and Huy look surprising comfortable in the chilly morning air 🙂


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