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Steamboat Springs Wedding Photographers, Jason and Gina, captured this amazing wedding on top Mt. Werner in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Guests traveled from around the country, and up a 2000' gondola for this wedding in the mountains. Weddings in Steamboat are among the most beautiful in Colorado. This small town is a perfect location for local and destination weddings.

Champagne Powder Room Wedding Photos

The Champagne Powder Room is located near the top of the mountain in Steamboat. The incredible views from the lawn, where wedding ceremonies take place, are truly remarkable. Surrounded by mountains, forests, and plenty of aspen trees, the Champagne Powder Room is the perfect location for amazing wedding pictures. This wedding featured a gentle rain storm just before the wedding, providing just enough moisture in the air for a double rainbow over the ceremony site.

Hazie's Restaurant Wedding Photos

With it's floor to ceiling windows, Hazie's Restaurant, has room for 200+ wedding guests. It sports a large wrap-around deck for a perfect Sunset view during the wedding cocktail hour. Hazie's Restaurant wedding photos can be found toward the end of this post. After a wedding ceremony on top of the world, this restaurant, is a perfect place to party well into the evening.

This husband and wife wedding photography team are Steamboat Springs wedding photographers. Their love for the outdoors and knowledge of perfect locations for wedding photos makes them the right choice for couples planning their wedding in the Colorado Mountains. They are considered among the best wedding photographers in Colorado. Check out their Wedding photography and get to know them through their Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers about page.

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Erin + Travis | Married



Gina’s Take
I loved Erin and Travis’s ceremony. It was held on top of Steamboat Resort, after a rainstorm and double rainbow, with amazing light softly touching the rolling mountains for miles in every direction. No, the breathtaking view and ambiance weren’t why I fell for their ceremony. I loved their ceremony for how they managed to incorporate their rich religious tradition and their love of the Colorado countryside. Leon Joseph LittleBird and a more traditional minister performed the ceremony together in a joyful, reverent way. With the ski slope in the background, they also paid homage to Travis’s love of skiing. He grew up racing in Vail and it was a perfect fit for their wedding day to be on the slopes. Leon even added a prayer for good snow this fall to the spirits. I hope they heard him.

Jason’s Take
Steamboat Springs is definitely on list of Colorado towns we would happily live in. Summer days in Steamboat are warm, with afternoon sunsets that bake the sky orange. The Yampa River delivers some of the State’s best fly fishing water (even right through town). I’ve backpacked deep into the Flattops Wilderness Area a few times near Steamboat for many glorious days in the Colorado back country. The cool, crisp, Summer evenings feature weekly professional rodeos and the roar of laughter and good times on rooftop bars on main street. Winters in Steamboat are epic. The ‘Champagne Powder’ lives up to its name on Mount Werner after a good storm. Dozens of Olympians have trained in Steamboat. Yep. Gina and I would love one of our second homes to be in Steamboat.

Erin, a Steamboat girl, and Travis, a passionate skier raised in Vail, had a fantastic wedding in this perfect Colorado town. After the afternoon rain, and double rainbow, their wedding at the Champagne Powder Room lawn was stunningly beautiful. Thank you to Lindsay with One Fine Day Productions for orchestrating an excellent wedding.