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Steamboat Lake Wedding Photography

Wedding photographers, Jason+Gina, photographed this Steamboat Lake Wedding this summer. This barn wedding in Colorado took place near Steamboat Lake on a gorgeous summer afternoon. The bride and groom, both lovers of the outdoors, could not imagine getting married at a more perfect location. Having grown up in Steamboat, the bride was not only familiar with the surroundings, but she knew exactly what she was doing when she selected this location for her outdoor wedding. The mountains and the lake provided a perfect backdrop for the ceremony as well as formal pictures. Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers would recommend this location to any future bride planning a wedding in Steamboat.

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Jess + Evan | Married


Gina’s Take
Jess and I are similar in quite a few ways. She’s the youngest of three children, as am I. She grew up with an outdoor loving father, as did I. She hunted with her father as a young lady, as did I. She married an outdoor loving dude, as did I. One activity Jess does that I’ve always wanted to try is fly fish. Hanging out with Jess gave me the push I needed. I mentioned my desire to learn to Jason (who loves to fly fish) and didn’t think much of it again.

Well, for my 30th birthday (a little over a month later), Jason surprised me with a four day weekend in Aspen complete with two days of guided fly fishing. He outfitted me with sweet waders and boots  that he purchased himself and actually fit me… which totally surprised and impressed me! From the moment I stepped in the water it didn’t take long for me to fall in love. It’s peaceful, challenging, and a brand new way to enjoy these Colorado mountains.

As an aside, our incredible guides from the Taylor Creek Fly Shop in Basalt were amazing.

Jason’s Take
After photographing Amy and Chris two years ago, we have come to learn that there are many things that make Fox Family weddings unique. When Jess contacted us for her wedding, we were thrilled to be shooting another Fox girl. One of the particularly epic elements of Fox weddings is the practical joke that can be expected during the ceremony by the father of the bride (Tom).

Amy and Chris had a ceremony near a pond in Steamboat. We were told to be ready for anything! Sure enough, when Tom shook hands with Chris, he slapped handcuffs on himself and Amy and tossed the key into the lake. As Chris started taking his shoes off to head into the lake, a new key appeared in Tom’s hand… and Chris was off the hook.

Jess and Evan knew Tom was going to do something… but Tom is as secretive as Apple about his plans! For his third, and final daughter, he stopped the wedding before he gave Jess to Evan. He announced that Evan, the expert bow hunter, would have to fire an arrow into a small target on a bail of hay… blindfolded. The only help he had was Jess’s voice in his ear. He didn’t hit the half-dollar sized target, but impressively he nailed the bail of hay. That was good enough for Tom.

Of course, as a father of a teenage daughter, I’m taking notes and starting to plan some schemes of my own for her wedding (which, of course, will be well after she turns 30).