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These outdoor photographers love weddings in Snowmass, Colorado. Regardless of the season, Snowmass is an incredible place to get married. The winter landscape is just as amazing as the summer beauty. Autumn and spring colors for Snowmass weddings can't be beat! This sunrise wedding photography shoot took place bright and early. The bride and groom were amazingly adventurous in the cold. Even with frozen fingers, these photographers created amazing wedding pictures in Snowmass.

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Snowmass Styled Shoot | Elk Camp



Gina’s Take
I’ve been out of the ‘cold weather loop’ since having our 9-month-old son. For the most part, he and I have stayed cozy indoors while the temperature dropped. While preparing for our snowy sunrise styled shoot on Snowmass Mountain (say that 10 times fast!), my winter packing skills were rusty. Not only had I misplaced my ski mittens, but I forgot to pack any gloves at all. Add to that, I forgot my snow pants and anything warm to wear under my jacket. It was a giant fail on my part.

The only time I’ve been in a colder situation was on a memorable hunting trip with my dad. Nothing can compare to being in the middle of nowhere… in the dead of winter… in a tent… at night… with -30 degree temperatures. As miserable as that night was (we moved camp the next day), how can I complain? It’s those trips that taught me a love of the Colorado wilderness and the joy in a wild, albeit cold, mountain sunrise.

The good news about the sunrise shoot was that I had my Sorel Riding Tall boots (my favorite purchase last year… and I adore them) and enough excitement that I almost forgot how freezing I was. I loved piling out of the snowcat in the still, dark morning, watching the sun turn the world from black and white to color with snow crunching underfoot. It was absolute Colorado perfection.  The entire crew was fantastic to work with! Having finished by 9:30 in the morning, celebrating a very successful shoot, with a cup of hot chocolate, was pure bliss.
Jason’s Take
You would never know, by the pictures how absolutely frigid it was… Fingers and toes were frozen, but our hearts were full of life! The empty mountain at sunrise was indescribable. Gina and I turned this single morning shoot into three days of R&R in Aspen. The snow was perfect, the lift lines short, and the hot tub (with an Aspen Brewing Company IPA) was delightful!

Thank you to the amazing team involved in this project:
Coordinator: Gold Leaf Events | Chelsea Dillon & Kate Ryan
Aspen/Snowmass: Meredith McKee
Handmade Jewelry: Taylor and Tessier
Floral: Carolyn’s Flowers