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Engagement photography in Snowmass is truly something special. Snowmass is a magical location for outdoor engagement sessions. Whether a couple loves to snowboard in the winter or take hikes in the Summer, Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers love's to tag along. These photographers specialize in outdoor engagement sessions throughout the Colorado mountains.

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Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers are Aspen engagement photographers. They love the natural surroundings provided by the amazing mountains surrounding Aspen. From the Maroon Bells to the small creeks in town, Aspen is an amazing location for engagement photos. Aspen is absolutely wonderful in the winter, but the beauty of a Summer afternoon in Aspen is stunning in pictures.

Wedding photographers, Jason and Gina, are wedding photographers in Aspen considered by many to be the top wedding photographers in Aspen.

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Jessica + Andrew | Engaged


Jason’s Take
Spending a weekend in Snowmass, a few weeks ago, only reinforced our passion for buying a second home in the Colorado mountains. Enjoying a couple of IPAs on the patio of Jessica and Andrew’s guest house while chatting about life, the wedding, and business was incredibly relaxing. Hanging out at the local coffee shop the next morning with their stellar wedding planner, Virginia (Bluebird Productions), was a perfect start to a Saturday morning. Yep, we left Snowmass with a sense of loss. It’s not that we don’t love where we live; we’ll never leave our cul-de-sac and our family-like neighbors. Rather, as we spend our evenings looking at mountain property, we can’t wait to invest in that second home – aka our place to retreat. It will be the place we kick off our snowboards in the Winter and hang our fly-rods in the Summer. It will be surrounded by Aspens. Oh, and of course, it will be stocked with good IPA, well-aged single-malt, plenty of firewood, and cozy blankets (for Gina).
Gina’s Take
What Jason failed to mention was that after the drinks and good conversation, we only had to travel all of 100 yards to take these pictures! Photographers would kill to shoot here… and it’s Andrew and Jessica’s backyard!

Jason and I have seen and shot at some of the most beautiful mountain homes and venues. We’ve been spoiled, really. Which makes it hard in our search for a second home. When you’ve experienced the best, it’s hard to see yourself in anything less! Our eventual goal is a place like Andrew and Jessica’s. Our right-now goal is to get a place in the ┬ámountains as soon as we can. I can’t wait to have a home-base in our favorite playground.

Jason Grubb, I love dreaming and planning with you.