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Saddle Ridge Wedding Photography

Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers are Saddle ridge wedding photography specialists who love natural light and the Colorado Mountains. Saddle Ridge is a beautiful wedding venue tucked away in Beaver Creek. This wedding venue is ideal for the bride who loves aspen trees, tall grass, and incredible views.

Beaver Creek Weddings

A Beaver Creek wedding is perfect for couples planning a destination wedding in Colorado. The rustic and historic nature of Saddle Ridge, in particular, is perfect for a mountain wedding in Colorado. This couple planned their destination wedding at Saddle Ridge and absolutely enjoyed every minute of it (as did their family and friends)

Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers are destination wedding photographers, based in Colorado, who specialize in outdoor sun-drenched weddings.

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Deidre + Collin | Married


Gina’s Take
So, here is another outdoor mountain wedding on our blog. You would think we would get bored shooting “the same thing” over and over. Yet no matter how many mountain weddings we shoot, I never tire of them. Standing amongst quaking aspen and sturdy pines, I feel more alive.

It’s my paradise.

Add the fact that I’m witnessing love declared by two souls… it fulfills me. Maybe my love affair with the mountains stems from my childhood in Montana where I traipsed around our open land. I felt wild and completely free… and I get a taste of that feeling at every wedding! (Stick me downtown in a hotel all day for every wedding and I think I might die a little.)
Jason’s Take
It’s snowing in the mountains today. I love winter in the mountains… snowboarding all day, relaxing in the hot tub in the evening, and partaking in some nicely aged single malt. Perfection. As I look back on Deidre and Collin’s warm afternoon in Beaver Creek, I already miss the tall, dry grass, the fresh breeze, and that wonderful earthy aroma of the afternoon mountain air. I love weddings in Beaver Creek, and the rest of the Rocky Mountains. I’m so grateful to be able to work with my best friend (and fellow Chipotle lover) and do something that I’m truly passionate about in the most beautiful place in the world (my slightly biased opinion).