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Roaring Fork Club Rehearsal Dinner in Aspen

The Roaring Fork Club, near Aspen, is one of the most beautiful places on earth for a destination wedding. Especially if you're from Texas, and love to Golf... as this couple was. The perfectly manicured facility makes a perfect backdrop for wedding photograph. Couples travel from around the country to visit this amazing location in Colorado. This couple planned their destination wedding at the Roaring Fork Club for months and months. Their preparations paid off and their wedding day in Aspen was truly perfect.

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Kali + Jonathan | Rehearsal Dinner



Gina’s Take
“The earth has music for those who listen.” – George Santayana

The sunset at Kali and Jonathan’s rehearsal dinner was one of those rare moments that demanded you stand up and take note. The sun didn’t fade away quietly, it went down with a blaze of color and I was thankful to witness it… and how handy that we happened to a gorgeous couple to photograph and take advantage of all its glory?
Jason’s Take
Jonathan is a true gentleman. I don’t say that about many men… In fact, I rarely use those words. However, this dude is truly unique. He is kind, thoughtful, and humble.  In full disclosure, my vote can be swayed by a groom insists that I enjoy a Dale’s Pale Ale (one of my top 5 pale ales), while shooting his rehearsal dinner (which Jonathan did). Excellent beer will always win my favor.

This evening of shooting was a perfect end to a perfect day. Gina and I spent the morning fly fishing the Roaring Fork river and the afternoon running near Independence Pass. Then, we were blessed to be a able to document this intimate and wonderful rehearsal dinner at the Roaring Fork Club with two remarkable people!

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A special thank you Gold Leaf Event Design and Production for orchestrating the perfect weekend!