Destination Wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic: Dawn + PJ


Gina’s Take
I love destination beach weddings. Maybe it’s because it feels like I’ve set off on a grand adventure…or because the air tastes different… or maybe I feel more free. One thing’s for sure,  most couples have spent the week before their wedding melting into the beach with a cool beer in their hand so by their wedding day, they don’t have a care in the world. Ahhhh…. that sounds nice right now, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately (insert pouty face here) our schedule didn’t allow for me to travel down to the Dominican Republic for Dawn and PJ’s wedding. So Jason had to fly solo and leave his beautiful wife at home ALONE. I took full advantage of the fact that he was over 2,500 miles away and booked a trip to Tall Grass Spa… went shopping… and did as little work as possible. It was my own mini-vacation because it was -10 degrees here, he was sitting on the beach and, really, what could he do about it? LOL Dawn and PJ appeared to be in their own dream world throughout their wedding weekend. He was quite the smoldering latin hunk and she was his creamy-skinned damsil 🙂 I love her foot jewelry and flowing gown and only wish I could have experienced their beautiful day first hand!
Jason’s Take
I took one for the team on this one 🙂 There was a 95 degree difference in the temperatures between Denver (-10 and Punta Cana 85). I stepped off the plane in a very unfamiliar country, paid my $10 tax to enter the airport, had my gear bag emptied (three times total), and spent three days in an absolutely beautiful part of the world.

I was welcomed by Dawn and PJ (whom I had never met in person) at the Dreams Punta Cana Resort an hour after my plane touched down. The warmth and sweetness in the air was no comparison with how their friends and family immediately adopted me as one of their own. I was invited, not as a photographer, but as a friend to join the bridal party for multiple events throughout the wedding weekend – culminating with an absolutely fantastic time at the resorts ‘club’ following the wedding reception (yes – I was utterly exhausted, and can’t dance, but there was nothing better than a cold beer and a seat with the bridal party watching the celebration extend into the early hours!).

Dawn and PJ are at home with each other. You’d never know that they grew up on separate hemispheres… their freedom and joy for life reminded me of the type of hope Morgan Freeman describes at the end of ‘Shawshank Redemption’. Intimacy is one of the most amazing and wonderfully dangerous things for the heart – Dawn and PJ, your dance of intimacy is truly something special to see, and especially photograph.



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