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Planet Bluegrass Wedding Photography

Devastated by last year's floods, this wedding venue has been completely restored... and wedding photos at Planet Bluegrass are perfect! The weather gods provided Sami and Kyle a summer wedding in Colorado at Planet Bluegrass like no other. The perfect light, relaxed temperatures, and amazing wedding location were all that this Colorado couple had hoped for. We love outdoor weddings in Colorado, especially with everything aligns to make an unforgettable day for a bride and groom.

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Gina’s Take
Sami is one of those people you instantly love. She is full of life and her emotions literally overflow out of her. She might catch you off guard at first when she throws out a “fuck yeah” or some other passionately felt, cuss word littered exclamation, but you are so caught up in her energy that you roll with it. Her love of life is infectious and made her on of the chillest brides to spend a wedding day with. Speaking of the wedding day… Sami and Kyle, thank you for chancing the rain and keeping your dinner outdoors. It was incredible. Also, thank you for making us feel like part of your family. I think Kyle hugged Jason and I a dozen times thanking us for being there. Sami checked three or four times to ensure we were getting dinner. Except Jason. She explicitly said Jason was not allowed to eat… but he did… because she was joking. It was a beautiful day and I couldn’t wish it on a more deserving couple. Am I a little in love with Sami and Kyle? Fuck yeah.
Jason’s Take
It’s not a secret that I love good beer. My current obsession is the intense, delicious India Pale Ale. My garage refrigerator is full of Colorado IPAs from New Belgium, Odell, Oskar Blues, Upslope, Aspen, and Avery. In fact, when we were in Turks and Caicos a few weeks ago for vacation, our neighbors indulged in a decent amount of my IPA’s (as we all share our garage codes with each other). Not to worry, I was happy to replenish my stock! Sami, in perfect form, is a certified cicerone (aka beer sommelier). She can tell me exactly what I’m tasting in nearly any beer… and how it pairs with any meal. Although I think that IPA pairs with all food…right? I’m super impressed with her passion and couldn’t imagine a better place for her to hone her craft than Colorado. Our state is literally exploding with amazing craft breweries.

And just to put in a good word for Kyle… he will drink any beer, and enjoy it. He loves his friends, family, and spunky bride like nothing I’ve ever seen. He shed tears of joy throughout his wedding day… because he is about the most sentimental man I’ve ever met. Good on you Kyle, good on you.


Okay… an explanation about the pic below. Sami is absolutely hilarious! Her friends were gawking from across the lawn while Sami and Kyle were taking a few pics. So she gave them a little piece of her mind followed by huge laughs!! I just don’t see how we could skip this photo in the mix. It’s perfectly spontaneous… and perfectly Sami!!


Thank you to the amazing team of wedding professionals that made this wedding absolutely perfect for Sami and Kyle:
Planner: Amber with Save the Date Events
Venue: Planet Bluegrass
Caterer: BlackBelly Catering (local, organic, humanely raised)
Band: Parlor Pickers
Decor: Design Works
Cake: Intricate Icings
Floral: Bare Roots Flora