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Gina’s Take
A few weeks ago, Jason and I were backpacking together. We were trying to keep ourselves occupied while hiking and were quoting episodes of The Office together. Out of the blue, mid-quote, he told me I was his best friend. Despite him being dirty and sweaty, I wanted to grab and kiss him right there! Then I wanted to cry because it was so sweet… then I remembered we still had at least 500 ft of vertical elevation before getting to the lake and I needed to conserve my energy 🙂 What that meant to me was that if he had to pick only one person to be with, it would be me. Talk about job security!! Seriously though, while he loves having poker nights with his buddies, and going on “man trips” (backpacking deep into the wilderness), at the end of the day, he comes home to be with his best friend. That works, because I feel the same way.

I think Allix and Nate fit that to a tee. They’re clearly each other’s best friend. All morning Nate was surrounded by his friends and all he kept saying is that he just couldn’t wait to see Allix. During their ceremony they whispered and laughed together like they were the only ones there (which was adorable to shoot). They were inseparable and danced together nearly all night.
Jason’s Take
Bliss: perfect happiness; serene joy.

Bliss is what I saw when I looked at Allix and Nate on their wedding day. They were so sincerely happy… I think Planet Bluegrass could have disappeared from the planet and they would have still had smiles on their faces!!! It was their wedding day and they owned it like a professional wedding couple (as if there’s such a thing). They are two genuine souls that I truly adore.

Their wedding day was perfectly planned and executed by Gabby with Save the Date Events. Their amazing wedding origami cranes and floral design was brilliantly delivered by Nicole with Swank Stems. Yummy dinner by Occasions by Sandy. And of course, Funkiphino, rocked the house that evening.

There are just too many pics to include in one blog post – be sure to check out part two of Allix and Nate’s Planet Bluegrass Wedding.

We are also honored to have this wedding featured on the Style Me Pretty Wedding Blog!


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