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Beaver Creek Wedding Photographers Jason+Gina are a husband and wife wedding photography team that captured this intimate wedding at the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek. This wedding took place outdoors at the base of Beaver Creek mountain. Beaver Creek is absolutely perfect for outdoor wedding photography. Plan you wedding in Beaver Creek during the Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall for an amazing and memorable experience.

Park Hyatt Beaver Creek

The Park Hyatt Beaver Creek is a perfect venue for small and large Beaver Creek weddings. We loved the intimate feel of the venue and, since this was a small intimate wedding, the restaurant and bar area was just right for this wedding. Wedding venues in Beaver Creek are plentiful. As outdoor photographers who love to photograph weddings in Beaver Creek, we believe that your wedding venue is an important part of your wedding planning decision. If you need help choosing a wedding venue in Beaver Creek, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll help any way we can!

Wedding Photographers Beaver Creek CO

If you're looking for wedding photographers in Beaver Creek, Co and you love outdoor wedding photography, contact us anytime to discuss your Beaver Creek Wedding.

Jason+Gina are Beaver Creek wedding photographers that are a perfect fit for active outdoor couples. Check out our wedding photography.

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Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Weddings | Katie+Jason


Gina’s Take
There is something amazing about photographing intimate weddings. Weddings tend to have strict timelines, tons of moving parts, and not much downtime for the bride a groom. Intimate weddings are something entirely different; nothing is rushed and every moment savored. Having gotten married only last year, it’s still fresh in my mind. While I had a blast on our wedding day, looking back, I would have loved more time to just enjoy marrying a great guy (Jason :-)). Katie & Jason (with the help of Brynn of Save the Date Events) planned just that; a day to enjoy. You could just see how they were completely in the moment and truly relished what was happening. It was a joy to be a part of and experience.
Jason’s Take
Gina and I generally split up while the bride and groom get ready separately. I enjoy hanging out with the groom (and groomsmen) as they get ready. There’s a wonderful nervousness that oozes from almost every groom as he gets ready for their wedding day. Jason was no exception. He was nervous, talked more than I’ve heard him talk… ever. He shared with me his many trials of growing out a little bit of stubble over the past few months. Eventually, he deduced that six days of growth was the perfect amount of facial hair for his wedding. He also lost thirty pounds between the engagement shoot last year and the wedding this year – remarkable! When a bride and groom choose to have a first look, there’s about a five minute window where it’s just me and the groom hanging out, waiting for Gina and the bride to come. It’s a special moment… for me to observe… a man waiting, with tremendous anticipation, to see his bride. The relief and comfort he experiences after the first look is tangible. It is as if, until that moment, he missing part of himself – and when he see’s her during the first look (or the ceremony) he becomes whole… and breathes again.

Again – thank you Brynn with Save the Date Events, Park Hyatt Resort Beaver Creek, PlumSage Flowers , and Make Up by Janine for making this a wonderful day for Katie and Jason.



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