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Outdoor Engagement Photography in the Mountains

Wedding photographers, Jason and Gina, absolutely love outdoor engagement photography in the Colorado Mountains. They specialize in wedding and engagement photography in the vibrant outdoor light. This engagement session was photographed just outside of Nederland and Eldora Colorado.

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Denver engagement photographers, Jason+Gina, spent the afternoon with this outdoorsy couple near their cabin in Eldora, Colorado. Their private land and the surrounding trails provided the perfect backdrop for engagement photos. This engaged couple scouted locations in the Colorado mountains that were consistent with the look and feel they were hoping for with their engagement pictures. They, of course, brought their amazing puppy!

Outdoor Engagement Photos

Colorado is the perfect place for outdoor engagement photos. With plenty of sunshine, amazing sunsets, and beautiful landscapes, Colorado is a playground for engagement photographers. Couples travel from around the country for their Colorado destination weddings. Many out-of-state couples have a chance to enjoy the Colorado outdoors while planning their Colorado wedding... and quite a few are able to squeeze in an afternoon engagement shoot.

Engagement Photographers, Jason+Gina, are a husband and wife wedding photography team available worldwide. These outdoor engagement photographers love to shoot in beautiful destination throughout the world.

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Mara + Aubrey | Engaged



Gina’s Take
We have an 11-year-old boy. Our prayer for him is simply to become a good man. The other night at dinner when Jason was being silly and refusing to hand me a dish of rice (he wanted to hoard it for himself), our boy stretched himself across the table to pass it to me. Jason scoffed in play anger, “Bud, why’d you give the rice to her?” His response was, “Dad, I was being a gentleman.” Yep. It didn’t matter that he was almost laying on the table at P.F Chang’s, reaching for the rice, because what he said was much more important! As happy as we are that he does great in school, is a talented athlete, is conscientious of the planet, that phrase, “Dad, I was being a gentleman,” made my heart swell with pride.  Aubrey is a gentleman to the core. Throughout the engagement shoot he was so aware of anything Mara might need. He was gracious and kind to Jason and I and respectful to anyone we happened upon. It makes it even better that he has chosen a woman so deserving of his “gentleman-ness”. Mara is so sweet and it was delightful to spend the afternoon with the two of them.

Jason’s Take
I’m one of those people that doesn’t wind down, or unplug, easily. I truly love working. Whether it be shooting a wedding, updating the blog, or working in the yard, I keep myself quite busy. One of the things I love about Colorado is that you don’t have to go far to feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere, enveloped by nature, and free from the daily routines that steel away good, solid down time. Mara and Aubrey’s families BOTH have cabins in Eldora, Colorado. I’ve mentioned it before, and I’ll say it again… one of my passions is to have a cabin in the mountains. Preferably with a fly fishing stream nearby, like Aubrey’s cabin. Heaven.