Outdoor Engagement Photos | Julie+Darren


Gina’s Take
Julie and Darren’s engagement session was a solo shoot for Jason. Although I didn’t get out and shoot with them, their images still passed through my hands during post-processing. I never get tired of seeing Jason’s images for the first time on my computer. It’s like experiencing the shoot all over again through a different lens (pun not intended lol).

Even though I didn’t hang with Julie and Darren for their engagement session, I got a great feel for their relationship through their images. Some couples are total crack-ups, some are very shy together, and others are crazy into PDA 🙂 Julie and Darren were sweet and mellow together… reminds me of a line from a Billie Holiday song; “when he starts in to love me, he’s so fine and mellow.” Like sweet cold lemonade on a hot summer afternoon…
Jason’s Take
Many of you know that I love poker. I’ve spent a decent amount of time at the poker table. Yes, I’ve read most of the poker books. Yes, I know the math if a flush draw is up against a set. I met Darren at a friends poker game… and have known him for at least a half a dozen years. We’ve never had coffee, or a beer, together. We’ve always hung out when the cards were in the air. It’s interesting how well you get to know someone over the poker table. We’ve observed how time has changed our lives over the years… catching up at the poker table every few months. And for the record – I think he’s ahead in the money.

When Darren and Julie contacted us to shoot their wedding… we were already booked for their date. So I referred them to my good friend Jared Wilson. But, Julie really wanted me to shoot their engagement session, even though we couldn’t be at their wedding. No problem!

Van Bibber Park, in Arvada, was the perfect location. The light was immaculate. The sunset, a perfect orange slice of warmth nestling into the foothills of Denver, was all that I could ask for. Julie and Darren were in their own world, truly engaged not only to each other but with each other.


Gina’s Favorite Image (below): The sun is amazing… so is Julia’s playful expression.


Jason’s Favorite Image(s) (below – and the first pic at the very top of this post): The last touch of sunlight was fading into the mountains when we snagged these couple of images. It surprises me, every time, how fast the sun sets once it touches the mountains.


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