Outdoor Engagement Photography near Denver | Amanda+Jeremy


Gina’s Take
Amanda and Jeremy feel totally natural and unpressured in front of the camera… their interactions with each other so unrefined, unscripted and free. I love the way Jeremy just loves her… the way he plays with her. You can tell they’ve known each other for a long time (quite a few years actually). They’re getting married at Mile High Station this August… I can’t wait to see the look on his face with the woman of his dreams walks down the aisle. A groom seeing his bride is one of my favorite moments on a wedding day. However, if I have to choose one moment that always stands out for me, it’s when a bride and her father are waiting to walk down the aisle. The emotion on a father’s face nearly makes me cry. You can see his internal whirlwind taking him back and forth between joy, pride, loss, honor. As their entrance draws near, every father steals a look at his daughter and it’s as if he’s thinking “this is the last moment she’ll be my little girl.” Then he smiles, tries not to cry, inhales deeply, and takes the first step down the aisle. Beautiful.
Jason’s Take
We love where we live! Our house backs to Stanley Lake and over 30 miles of running trails. Heaven! Since moving to our new place last year, I have found a renewed love of running. For me, street running cannot compare to getting out on an empty trail and losing myself (figuratively, not literally). I explore the trails a few times a week, especially around the magic hour of sunset. Is there a more beautiful hour? I’m in awe as the sun sweeps over the tall grass and the winks through the giant aged trees.

Jeremy had been offered a job and was asked to move to Florida for said job in a matter of 6 days!! They asked if we could squeeze in an engagement shoot before he left. Since they live near us in Arvada, I asked if Stanley Lake would work for them. Yeppers! The met us at our house Рthe light was perfect Рno time for a drink Рwe hit the trails. They rocked it! Perfect light, amazingly natural emotions.


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