Outdoor Engagement Photography in Denver: Julia + Brian


Gina’s Take
I love forensic investigation. Love it! One of my long-time favorite T.V. show is Forensic Files; re-enactments of real crimes solved using amazing forensic work. Things like a footprint in a squished tomato outside the victim’s window that revealed the weight, shoe size, shoe style, and probable height of the perpetrator, or the unique carpet fibers on a victim traced back to a particular manufacturer for a particular van model in a particular year. I’m sure by now, you’ve checked to make sure you didn’t somehow stumble onto the wrong blog. Isn’t this supposed to be about weddings? Yes, this is a wedding photography blog and I am getting around to the reason for all this forensic babbling. Brian (of Julia and Brian) is in school for computer forensics or something of the like. When I heard the word forensics, my eyes lit up! I tried not to monopolizing our initial meeting with questions about his work… luckily, we had so much fun getting to know them that it wasn’t an issue.
Jason’s Take
I can confirm Gina’s obsession with forensics… which made it quite difficult to hide her engagement ring in our luggage when we traveled to NYC a few years ago (that’s where I proposed). She can detect anything out of the ordinary. So I actually hid the ring in a lens filter case in our carry on luggage… and, thankfully, she said yes.

The afternoon at Crown Hill Park for Julia and Brian’s engagement session was perfect. Brilliant light, wide open outdoors, and actually, plenty of wildlife. Some couples are so natural together. Julia and Brian fit together like a glove. They are playful, easy-going, and it feels like they’ve been in love for decades. They remind me of the quote by Brandi Snyder, “To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world.” They mean the world to each other and I can’t wait to celebrate and capture their wedding at Mile High Station this Fall.

Jason’s favorite picture (above): I love the sun – anywhere, anytime. And it seems to suit Julia and Brian just fine!


Gina’s Favorite image (below): Who doesn’t love being wrapped in the arms of a man who totally adores you.


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