Outdoor Engagement Photography in Denver | Cassie + Luke


Gina’s Take
Today I’m going to talk about french fries and love. When we met Cassie and Luke for our ceremonial drink before their engagement shoot they also ordered lunch. Jason and I had just eaten, so we stuck to our microbrew and Diet Coke. Microbrew for Jason, Diet Coke for me. Long story short, Luke gave me his delicious french fries, which just happen to be my favorite food group. I don’t know why I love french fries so much… but they always, always make my day. When I’m sick, I want french fries. When I’ve worked 12 hours at a wedding, I want french fries. When I’m sad, I want french fries. You get my point… and no, I don’t know why I didn’t just order my own basket! I’m sure Luke had no idea how much his random act of generosity would impact me. This may be crazy, but it made me think about love and how love is built on small moments like that. I watched Cassie and Luke in a new light after that trying to pick up on their little acts of love. I was completely satisfied with what I saw: there were many. I think their pictures speak for themselves! Moral of the story: sharing french fries with an acquaintance is uber nice and causes said acquaintance to ramble on about love in a blog post. Remembering your wife loves french fries and surprising her with a bag is love 😉
Jason’s Take
I love sunny afternoons in Colorado… nearly as much as Gina loves french fries. The warmth of the mile high sun on my skin makes me feel alive and reguvenated. The air always seems renewed and clean filtered when the sun is out. The winter afternoon we hung out with Cassie and Luke felt that way. Having a microbrew before this particular shoot felt if it was a Summer afternoon just before a nostalgic Rockies home game. The afternoon light bounced off of the city buildings like ocean waves and we surfed the afternoon away… (and yes, I love surprising Gina with a bag of fries!)


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