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Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers captured this engagement photography in Morrison around Red Rocks and Mount Falcon. These afternoon, sun-drenched, pictures were taken around sunset just west if Denver.

Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers are wedding photographers based in Denver. They are considered by many to be among the best wedding photographers for outdoor weddings in Colorado.

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Andrea + Nate | Engaged


Gina’s Take
My brother Nate is marrying his longtime girlfriend, Andrea, next month. It was kind of surreal taking engagement pictures of them… they’re just like any other couple, but the groom-to-be used to give me dead legs and hang my barbies (lol).

I love my big brothers. Like, adore them. As any good brothers do, they teased me mercilessly. They also protected me, encouraged me, and always told me how proud they were of me and how much they loved me. For these men, not just any woman will do. She needs to be something special to get my “baby sister seal of approval”. Well, I’ve watched Nate and Andrea through the years and it’s safe to say that she is the best. I couldn’t imagine anyone more perfectly suited for my brother. We joke with Nate that if they break up, we’re keeping Andrea. Seriously though, I am thrilled they are engaged and can’t wait to be part of their wedding next month. Jason and I are going to dominate the dance floor… because as guests we can dance as terribly as we want all. night. long.

Jason’s Take
I can’t wait for Nate and Andrea’s wedding! We haven’t attended (as opposed to working) a wedding in over four years. I’m technically one of the photographers for this wedding, along with our partner photographer, Zach. However, since this is family, I’m allowed to enjoy a beer with the guys as they get ready… and when the dancing starts, I’m free to spend the evening enjoying good single malt and dancing with Gina! I can’t wait… and I’m sure Zach will capture some serious ‘blackmail material’ pics of Gina and me dancing on the dance floor.