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Mile High Station Wedding Photography

Denver CO Wedding Photographers Jason+Gina photographed this beautiful wedding in Denver, Colorado. The bride and groom were happy to head out for a few outdoor wedding photos around the Auraria Campus as well as near Mile High Station. The images are unique, modern, and consistent with the look and feel of the bride and groom.

Colorado Wedding Photographers

Jason+Gina provide the best wedding photography for couples seeking to capture the amazing Colorado outdoors - even if their wedding or reception is indoors. Colorado provides over 300 days of sun. Thus, nearly all of their wedding photography clients have a chance to head outdoors for some portraits and formals in Colorado's radiant natural light.

Wedding Photography in Denver

Residing in the Denver metro area, these wedding photographers love to shoot throughout the state of Colorado as well as in the city of Denver. Weddings in Denver, CO can always take advantage of Denver's skyline as well as the amazing views of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

These wedding photographers in Denver believe the outdoors were not only meant to play in, but to marry in as well.

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Mile High Station Wedding | Julia+Brian


Gina’s Take
I’m going to warn you up front that my “take” will be off topic. Jason and I go through song obsessions. Right now our favorite song is “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Throughout wedding season, we are constantly away from “home”; engagement shoots, weddings, meetings… not to mention our family activities! Sometimes we don’t know whether we’re coming or going and feel like we spend more time in our car than our bed! I love this lyric “home is wherever I’m with you.” Hello, reality check! It doesn’t matter if we’re driving home from Vail after a long wedding day, networking with other wedding vendors, or sitting on the couch watching The Office. As long as Jason and I are together, that’s where “home” is. Funny how you can learn profound concepts from unexpected places (like a quirky song)!
Jason’s Take
Single malt scotch is one of the worlds greatest ice-breakers. Those that love it can talk about it for hours. Those of us, in this tribe of scotch enthusiasts, dream of visiting distilleries in Scotland, talk of our favorite casks, and brag about the most expensive scotch we’ve sampled.

Julia happened to mention, during our first meeting with them, that her father loved scotch. Mental note taken and called upon at the wedding. During the cocktail hour, I noticed that he was standing alone. I made my move… went over to him and happened to notice that he was, of course, sipping on scotch. Thus, the conversation ensued, kinship formed, and an important connection was made. Little moments of connection like this are an essential part of being a photographer. By creating a quick bond with Julia’s father, the barrier between photographer and subject was diminished – thus allowing for him to feel at ease whenever I was around.

Julia and Brian are perfect for each other – relaxed, casual, playful, and wonderfully engaged with each other and their amazing group of friends and family.

Wedding Ceremony: St. Elizabeths of Hungary (Auraria Campus)
Wedding Reception: Mile High Station