Engagement Photography in Manitou Springs: Megan + Anthony

Engagement photography in Manitou Springs, Colorado


Megan and Anthony live in Manitou Springs, Colorado. My wonderful husband had some confusion on the subject of the town’s name. He decided at our initial meeting, in front of Megan and Anthony, to comment that it’s weird how the town was named after those walrus-type creatures, “manitous”. After we all laughed hysterically, we clarified that those walrus-type creatures are manatees, not manitous. Of course he had just lost his mind for one second, but it’s still too funny. I’m smiling thinking about it right now… and thus began our relationship with Megan and Anthony.

Apparently they decided our language/geography skills have nothing to do with our photographic abilities and hired us to photograph their winter wedding this December in none other than Manitou Springs. We went back to the now infamous town for their engagement session and met them at a fantastic new wine bar opened by the owners of Swirl Wine Emporium and located directly behind the store. They brought along their adorable pup for some fun photos. It was a super cloudy day and we didn’t have to worry about any harsh sun or blown out backgrounds! As Colorado photographers, these cloudy days are few and far between and it’s great to shoot in them when we can. It was such a breeze photographing Megan and Anthony because they really are awesome together (and pretty awesome to hang with). Can’t wait to see these two again when we shoot their December wedding… so fun!


I love this black and white photo in front of the wall because the whole thing started when Jason asked Megan and Anthony to “burn”, or stare down, the camera. Since Anthony is in the Special Forces, he had his burn down. I mean, it was like he flipped a switch and turned into stone. Meanwhile, Megan was giggling like crazy next to him, unable to even keep a straight face. When Anthony took one peek at her he lost it, too. As a side note… Anthony has served our country above and beyond and, frankly, is a badass. Yet, he is the most humble, gracious man. With that, we couldn’t let the opportunity go without thanking him for his service.