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Springtime Engagement Photos

Springtime engagement photos tend to be among the most popular photos on this wedding photography blog. Most of the engagement sessions these photographers book tend to be in the springtime. The Colorado outdoors comes alive in the Spring making for some pretty amazing engagement pictures.

Outdoor Engagement Photography

Jason and Gina specialize in Outdoor engagement photography in Colorado. This husband and wife photography team live for the outdoors and feel incredibly blessed to photograph couples all over the front range. The afternoon light makes for absolutely vibrant and brilliant colors for engagement photography.

Destination Engagement Photos

Nearly half of the couples that book Jason+Gina for their engagement and wedding photos are from outside of Colorado. These brides choose Colorado for their destination wedding for a number of reasons, namely, the beauty of the Rocky Mountains and the spectacular wedding venues throughout the high country.

Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers are Wedding Photographers in Colorado available worldwide.

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Gina’s Take
We’re all busy. It’s just a fact of life. I mean between owning our own business, kids’ activities, dogs, and housework, sometimes I forget to breathe. Meet Lexi & Rusty. On their agenda this year is to finish Medical School (both of them) & plan a killer DIY wedding. Enough said. They give ‘busy’ a whole new meaning! They’re brewing their own beer for the wedding, making unique barley and wheat centerpieces in cut off beer bottles (they’ve been drinking the beer from those bottles for months), oh yeah, and finishing their med school rotations! I’m not sure how they even managed time for their engagement shoot, let alone showing up so relaxed and happy. We cannot wait to see their DIY projects come together and taste a promised microbrew after the wedding.

Jason’s Take
Yep… they are beer sommeliers. Lexi and Rusty have been added to my list of ‘go-to’ people for recommendations for a good microbrew. I’m the type of person that falls in love with something, then indulges in that one thing until I can’t stand it any more. My current beer of choice (which has stuck with me for a couple of years now) is 90 Shilling from the Odell Brewing Company in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Did you know that, according to the Odell website, the name 90 Shilling comes from the Scottish method of taxing beer? Apparently, only the highest quality beers were taxed 90 Shillings. Awesome. That’s my beer of choice for now. When it grows old to my palate, I’ll track down these two doctors for a good recommendation.


Good Boy.
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