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Larkspur Vail Wedding Photography

This amazing Larkspur Vail wedding photography, by Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers, brilliantly captures the amazing scenery of the Vail Valley. This sweet couple chose to have their vail wedding during one of the most beautiful times of the year. Brides often book this photography team months or years in advance of their perfect wedding date, so that they have a wedding day just like this.

Vail Wedding Photographers

Vail wedding photographers, Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers, specialize in outdoor weddings in the Colorado mountains... especially in Vail. The blue skies, snow capped peaks, and incredible open fields of Aspen trees make for amazing wedding pictures, worthy of pinterest.

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Nichole + Kent | Married


Jason & Gina’s Take
We often chat with photographers around the US, and most of them think it’s just plain unfair that we live and shoot weddings in such a beautiful place. We couldn’t agree more and our clients think so, too. Nichole and Kent were married outside in Vail on a beautiful Summer afternoon. Who’d ever want to get married indoors on a day like this!? It was, of course, absolutely superb. Erin and our associate partner, Meghan, took full advantage of the incredible outdoor light… and had an incredible time with this adorably cute couple!
Erin’s Take
When my husband and I started dating my first semester of college, we both knew right away that we were going to be spending the rest of our lives together. (I have the diary entries to prove it! ha!) Even though we waited a couple years to get engaged, we got a lot of harassment from friends and family about it at the time. People just didn’t understand how we could know so quickly (we were still so young!), but it was obvious to us. And a week after my 21st birthday, we were married! Ten years later, we are still extremely happy and our friends and family are, of course, long on board. 😉 When I first met Kent & Nichole, they talked about their fast courtship and how they just “knew” it was right. I couldn’t help but laugh to myself and asked if people seemed surprised. They nodded with affirmation (& I smiled at going through the same thing). Many of their friends had barely heard about their relationship before they were announcing their engagement. They even played an absolutely adorable video at their reception of the two of them telling the story of how they met and their time together because so many guests hadn’t heard all the details yet. I can say with great certainty that anyone who has had the chance to spend even 5 minutes with these two has to see it. They’re perfect for one another. Adorable, loving, and so excited to be married and start their lives together. It was an absolute treat to be part of their whirlwind journey. I can’t wait to hear about where it takes them. 🙂