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Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers love engagement photography near Denver, especially when a couple brings their dog. There's something about bringing a pet to an engagement session that is so special. These photographers, dog owners themselves, thoroughly enjoy the interactions between owners and pets. Kiki and Marcus had a great time on this warm summer afternoon of shooting near the Flatirons of Boulder.

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Kiki + Marcus | Engaged



Gina’s Take
Jason typically shoots engagement sessions solo with our couples. We often feel that two photographers for an engagement session can be intense for our spotlight-adverse couples and feel a bit like a paparazzi moment. However, every once in a while, I will shoot an engagement session. This summer afternoon, Jason was still contagious with strep throat (of all things) so I headed out to spend a couple of hours with Kiki and Marcus, and their sweet pup. We laughed about how the only pictures they ever take are of their dog, so this whole “pictures together” thing was a pretty big deal. But isn’t that the truth for us all? My Instagram is filled with dogs, our baby, Jason’s kids, food… but rarely any pics with that guy I married. We actually just went out the other day to take a portrait together because the last one we have is a year old. A year. We’re photographers for goodness sake. *bows head in shame. Seriously though, I’m going to start taking more pictures of/with/about Jason because I like him. A lot.
Jason’s Take
I love summer afternoons in Colorado. On a typical afternoon in our cul-de-sac full, you’ll find kids playing basketball or tossing water balloons, dogs chasing tennis balls, parents congregating on the tailgate of a truck chatting over a beer or glass of wine, and our little boy, Henry, pushing his toy car everywhere (or kissing the girls). We all often split for dinner, then regather on a someone’s porch after the kids are all down for the night. It’s truly magical… and we’ll never move away from these incredible people. This engagement shoot reminds me that togetherness (with our pups, of course) is an essential nutrient for the soul.

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