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Junebug Wedding Photographers, Jason+Gina, are part of a collection of the best wedding photographers in the world. This invite-only wedding photography community celebrates wedding photography from across the globe captured by top wedding photographers. Junebug Weddings provides photographer spotlights, interviews with couples, daily wedding blog posts, and real weddings.

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This collection of the world's best photographers consists of some of the best wedding photographers in the world including Ben Chrisman, Otto Schulze, Fer Juaristi, Christian Oth, Jose Villa, and dozens of other photographers. Jason and Gina are honored to be part of such an amazing collection of top wedding photographers. The Junebug wedding blog has thousands of daily visits from brides searching for their perfect photographer.

Best Wedding Photographers in Colorado

This husband and wife photography team is thankful to be considered one of the best wedding photographers in Colorado. Brides often say that Jason and Gina are passionate about the work they do and are wonderfully engaging to meet in person. Colorado is home for this wedding photography duo. They've explored the Colorado outdoors their whole lives and feel privileged to be able to photograph some of Colorado best weddings.

Junebug wedding photographers Jason+Gina are listed among the Best Wedding Photographers in World.

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Featured on Junebug Weddings Blog | Beaver Creek Wedding



We’re honored and thankful to be included in Junebug Weddings community of the World’s Best Photographers. Last week, Katie and Jason’s wedding was added to Junebug’s Real Weddings Gallery and featured on the Junebug Weddings Blog. Katie and Jason are amazing people and we felt honored capturing their intimate Beaver Creek Wedding last September.

One of the things we love about Junebug Weddings is their interview with the couple. Here are a couple of excerpts from the interview.

Junebug: What were you looking for in a photographer?

Katie and Jason: We wanted a photographic team who always works together and are comfortable with each other not just a lead photographer and their assistant. There are times during the wedding day when you have to split up and we wanted to be confident that the pictures would be beautiful regardless of who was taking them. Personality-wise we were looking for photographers that we felt comfortable with and would help put us at ease because neither Jason or I feel particularly comfortable in front of the camera. Jason and Gina are so funny and sweet. It was a pleasure to spend our day with them.

Junebug: What specifically drew you to Jason + Gina and their imagery?

Katie and Jason: Jason and Gina do a fantastic job of blending shots that are purely spontaneous, positioned perfectly to catch the light, and posed traditionally to appease the parents. Their work bursts with color and emotion. Seeing the story they tell from beginning to end of other couples’ days is what first drew us in, but looking at your own pictures for the first or fiftieth time is amazing. I relive the day every time I look at them.

Junebug: What did you enjoy most about working with Jason and Gina?

Katie and Jason: Jason and Gina were the only photographers we met with in person and knew on the car ride home from our meeting they were it. We actually booked them before our venue because we would rather have had to choose a different location than work with any other photographers. There were particular shots I knew I wanted, but mostly I wanted to be able to leave it up to the experts and trust the result would be beautiful images telling the story of our day. With Jason and Gina, that’s exactly what we got. Whether we were standing next to a tree or walking up a hill, they made it look amazing. I didn’t worry once that I wouldn’t be 100% happy with the results and that was tremendous peace of mind.

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