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Intimate Weddings

Intimate weddings in Breckenridge are absolutely beautiful to photograph. These wedding photographers love to travel to the Colorado mountains for weddings large and small. Intimate weddings have a wonderful vibe and tend to offer flexibility for the bride and groom. Winter is the perfect time of year to rent a home in Breckenridge, invite your closest friends and family and tie the knot!

Weddings in Breckenridge

Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers specialize in weddings in Breckenridge. This small town offers couples and their friends and family and amazing wedding experience. Whether a bride prefers to take a hike up Peak 10 or snowboard down Imperial Bowl, Breckenridge was made for active people!! This husband and wife photography team enjoys photographing weddings in Breckenridge as well as backpacking in the Summer and snowboarding in the Winter. For the perfect couple, Breckenridge is the perfect place for a wedding.

Considered to be the best outdoor wedding photographers in Colorado, Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers provide an incredible experience and amazing images. Click here to read reviews from real brides.

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Sarah + Ken | Married


Gina’s Take
“I guess he’d rather be in Colorado” – John Denver

That is how our clients feel. While most of our clients are scattered across the US, their love of Colorado is deep. Denver is a fantastic city, but what they (and we) really love are the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Whether they grew up spending holidays at their family’s Aspen home, or met on a ski run in Beaver Creek, they don’t choose to be married here just because they saw a pretty picture in a bridal magazine. Colorado means something to them and is the backdrop for many of their favorite memories. I dig that. I’ve only lived away from Colorado a few months of my adult life while doing charity work in Kenya. It was a life-shaping time, but despite the novelty and beauty around me… my heart longed to be back nestled against the Rockies. I know Jason feels the same way. While we both love experiencing new places, Colorado has always been, and God-willing, will always be home.

Jason’s Take
I first heard from Sarah about a year ago after she saw another intimate wedding in Breckenridge on our blog. She loved the relaxed vibe, the snow in the mountains, and the sweet home that was reserved for the wedding week. She was able to reserve the same home for her wedding, and sure enough, we were available to be a part of her wedding day. We love the relaxed feel, closeness with family and friends, and the celebratory spirit that is ever-present at intimate weddings. In the end, we feel as though we’ve been adopted as part of an extended family. P.S. I agree with Gina about Colorado. Born and raised here… I”m never leaving.