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Engagement photographers, Jason+Gina, love creative engagement sessions in the Colorado outdoors. As outdoor wedding photographers who spend time throughout towns like Vail, Aspen, Beaver Creek, Steamboat, and Breckenridge... they are the photographers of choice for couples planning their Colorado wedding.

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Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers are Engagement photographers for outdoor couples planning their destination wedding in the Colorado mountains.

Jason+Gina are among the top wedding photographers in Colorado. They love wedding photography for outdoor, sun-drenched, mountain weddings.

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Nichole + Kent | Engaged


Jason+Gina’s Take
We couldn’t be more excited for warm weather in Colorado (minus the wildfires). We love Summer, wedding season, backpacking season… basically, we love the opportunity to spend time in our amazing mountains. To kick off our warm weather season, we’re excited to share this  engagement session by our fantastic partner photographer Erin. She took these love birds to an absolutely perfect spot near the foothills and her energy plus their excitement made for some awesome shots. Nichole and Kent are so incredibly affectionate… and, well, messy.
Erin’s Take
One of the things I love most about Colorado is it’s unpredictability. It can be 80 in the middle of February or snowing 4th of July weekend. I think it’s fun! I mean, how many other states can frequently boast a 60 degree change in 24 hours? (There might be several, but since I’m not a fact checker, I’m just going to go with Colorado being the best.) 😉

Add a Colorado couple that’s just as fun and unpredictable (and not to mention adorable) and you have a pretty awesome day. Since spring had not yet fully sprung, Nichole and Kent decided to bring their own splash of color to the outdoors with Holi Powder! Well, as you can see, unpredictability can not only be fun, but messy, too.

Get to know Erin a bit more… read her sweet bio!