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Fly Fishing Engagement Photography

Fly Fishing Engagement Photographers, Jason+Gina love outdoor engagement photography. This Colorado couple hired these photographers to capture their engagement photos while fly fishing in the South Platte river (gold medal fishing water). This type of engagement session is perfect for an outdoor, active couple.

Outdoor Engagement Photography

Outdoor engagement photography is a specialty of this husband and wife photography team, based in Denver, Colorado. They pride themselves in helping couples feel relaxed and natural during their engagement session. Engagement photography is meant to capture a couple being themselves, hopefully doing something they love. It's also a great way for couples to become familiar with the process of being photographed by professional photographers. This couple absolutely raved about their time with Jason+Gina.

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Gina’s Take
So, brides-to-be, your fiance may have told you he refuses to do engagement pictures. He may have said he doesn’t understand why you’ll need them (since you’re getting pictures on the wedding day), he hates having his picture taken, he always looks stupid, he might spontaneously combust if forced to dress up and smile for a camera… the list of excuses is endless. Trust me, my photographer husband tried many of these excuses when we had engagement pictures taken!! Enter Lisa and Adam. Their fly fishing blog post is a surefire way to show your man that engagement photography isn’t merely standing and looking awkward and… could be the key to get him on board with the whole process!
Major points to highlight for him are as follows:
• Beer
• Fishing
• Looking awesomely manly with all of his gear
• Comfortable clothing, including a ball cap
• Oh… and did I mention beer?

Good luck ladies!

Jason’s Take
This shoot was incredibly difficult for me. The drive to a secluded outdoor location was a breeze. The hike through the forest to this prime fishing hole took a little effort, but no complaints. Balancing on rocks, trying not to drop our gear (especially the Leica) into a flowing river, wasn’t really a big concern. Nope. The hard part was leaving my fly fishing gear at home while visiting one of Colorado’s fantastic Gold Medal Trout Fishing locations (only 168 miles of Colorado’s 9000 miles of trout streams, and three lakes, carry the “Gold Medal” signature). If you feel bad for me, don’t worry… two weeks after this shoot, Gina encouraged me to take a two day trip to fly fish some Gold Medal water for myself. The trip was totally worth the drive, the time, sleeping in my car, and the incredible fish I pulled from the water (and quickly released).


P.S. (Jason) Here are a couple of pictures from my Instagram feed during my trip 🙂


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