Evergreen Lake House Wedding | Jordan+Ryan


Jason’s Take
It’s very rare when Gina and I are not shooting a wedding together. I was the lucky one that went to the Dominican Republic solo in February for a Punta Cana Wedding… and I was the lucky one to spend the afternoon with Jordan and Ryan at the Evergreen Lake House for their wedding. Both weddings were destination weddings. It just happened that for Jordan and Ryan, Colorado was their destination.

Every single day I’m thankful to live in Colorado. Gina and I live for the outdoors and the 300+ days of adrenaline-filled sunshine. Whether I’m taking a run in the heat of a Summer afternoon or skiing snowboarding in Breckenridge in a blizzard, I love it. I  love that being wedding photographers allows me to sneak out for that afternoon run or a day on the slopes or a quick backpacking trip… and takes me to beautiful locations when I am working!

I met Jordan and Ryan for the first time when I knocked on their respective hotel room doors the day of the wedding. It’s really funny when I’m knocking on room number 107 and a guy in the hall carrying a suit over his shoulder introduces himself to me as Ryan. Then, I knock on the bride’s door and ,when she opens it, think to myself  “today is going to be easy… she’s gorgeous!” On a day like this, literally, a family I’ve never met lets me into the intimacy of their lives to observe, photograph, and celebrate with. It’s the ultimate privilege and one of the many reasons we specialize in wedding photography.

This wedding at the Evergreen Lake House was a Colorado dream – beautiful light, a warm afternoon, a slight rain shower after the ceremony, and an incredible sunset.


Jason’s favorite image: I love everything about this moment – and I loved running indoors with J+R right after.


Gina’s favorite image: I’m a total sucker for grandpas… maybe it’s because I personally had one of the best of all time. I still quote his many sayings, smiling to myself whenever I do, and I’m passing down my favorite memories, including his scalloped potatoes to our kids. Although I met Jason’s grandpa much later in life, he touched me immediately. We loved each other from the start and I’m so thankful for every weekly McDonalds breakfast we shared with him. We would have loved having our grandpas celebrate our wedding day with us… looking just as proud and happy as Jordan’s grandpa is here.