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Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers adore engagement photography in Evergreen. The Colorado mountains provide an incredible backdrop for engagement photography. Rain or shine, the images created in the foothills are absolutely amazing!

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We are engagement photographers based in Denver, Colorado. We often shoot engagement sessions throughout the state of Colorado, particularly in the Mountains. We prefer the Colorado outdoors, all that it offers, over a shoot in the city anytime!

Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers are wedding photographers in Colorado considered by many to be the best wedding photographers for outdoor weddings in Colorado.

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Brittany + Mark | Engaged


Jason & Gina’s Take
One of our favorite parts about having partner photographersΒ is receiving their images. We literally get to relive their experience as we finalize the images. It’s exciting to see what they create together and we are always so proud of our partners for providing an amazing experience. It was obvious Brittany and Mark absolutely loved hanging out with Erin… and, although slightly bias, who wouldn’t love Erin! Their crazy fun afternoon in Evergreen was filled with joy, thunder, rain, nature, and most importantly… really sweet pics!
Erin’s Take
Being a Colorado Native is something I often boast. And why shouldn’t I?! My home state is a pretty cool place. πŸ˜‰ And showing it off to newcomers is one of my favorite parts about shooting weddings. Maybe this is one of the many reasons I was a tour guide for 6 years. The majestic and ever-changing views, the wildlife that live right in our town (and frequently stop traffic), the crazy quick moving weather… all elements of Colorado I was able to enjoy with Brittany and Mark while we drove around for their engagement session. Typically us Coloradans are pretty laid back… but when the rain sent us running for the car, and then stopped us dead in our tracks in the middle of the road (because I couldn’t see 3 feet in front of us!), these two were simply excited for the rainbow that would follow! Way to go with the Colorado flow. πŸ™‚ 2.Outdoor-Engagement-Photography 3.Engagement-Photos-Near-Aspens 4.Evergreen-Engagement-Photography 5.Engagement-Photos5.1.Engagement-Photo-Rainbow 6.Sunny-Engagement-Photography 7.Engagement-Photography-Colorado 8.Black-and-White-Engagement-Photos 9.Candid-Engagement-Photography 10.Sunset-Engagement-Photos