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Engagement photography at Mount Falcon.

Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers enjoyed a late afternoon engagement session at Mount Falcon with this adorable couple. Not all couples book Jason and Gina for their wedding. Many couples plan an out-of-state weddings, and retain an out of state wedding photographer. However, when they're looking for the perfect wedding photographer for engagement photography in Denver, they contact Jason and Gina. This afternoon session is completely sun-drenched and was exactly what the couple was hoping for.

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Meghan + Allen | Engaged


Gina’s Take
The warmth of summer is finally here. Don’t get me wrong… I love wintertime in Colorado. The holidays, the Christmas lights twinkling in the snow, the chilled air; lovely.  But, nothing beats the summer sun on my skin. Get me away into the mountains, unplugged, sitting by a river, with my dog’s head on my lap (either dog, but our two-year-old rarely settles down long enough). Just sitting, breathing in the beauty of the mountain colors from the blankets of flowers spread neatly across a meadow to the jutting peaks in the distance.
Jason’s Take
Summer in Colorado can certainly deliver perfectly sun-drenched afternoons. However, for Meghan and Allen, every time we scheduled a session together, the weather report would predict severe storms, including tornados, hail, and lightning. This literally happened 3 weeks in a row. Finally, we decided to go ahead and ignore the weather report… and sure enough, a huge, tornado producing storm rolled through Denver… then magically cleared up just in time for our session. As you can see… there’s not an angry cloud in the sky. It was as if Colorado had apologized and delivered the absolute perfect afternoon for a shoot at Mount Falcon.