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Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers are Denver Engagement Photographers who specialize outdoor couple photography throughout the Denver and Front Range outdoors. As, wedding photographers, this husband and wife team help brides feel completely at ease not only on their wedding day, but on during an engagement shoot. They love engagement sessions in the foothills as well as in the mountains. Regardless of the season, the Colorado outdoors offers incredible opportunities for amazing engagement photography.

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Danielle + Ben | Engaged


Gina’s Take
When you meet potential clients for the first time, you never know where the conversation will take you. We spent the majority of our time together with Danielle and Ben chatting about food. Yes, food. Sustainable, humanely-raised, non-toxic, fresh food. While Danielle and Ben are vegetarian and Jason and I still enjoy  meat, we have common beliefs including the belief that food and factories don’t mix. If you’re curious, just google gestation crates for one of countless heartbreaking examples of why I will never buy “traditional” meat, eggs, or dairy. Jason and I have not always been so passionate about where our food comes from… but once our eyes were opened, we couldn’t go back. It poses some challenges, especially when attempting to eat out. I scour websites and reviews trying to decipher if a restaurant not only has tasty food, but if they use responsibly raised, natural products. If all else fails, we happily fall back on Chipotle. As a result of being more conscious of what we consume, I now make homemade brownies, doughnuts, and ice cream . We could still be eating store-bought, pre-packaged desserts and missing out on the amazingness of a bite from a fresh, warm, homemade doughnut. It’s pretty incredible. In truth, not all of my culinary attempts have been winners… there were not so successful desserts (including a soggy white cake and yeast-flavored doughnuts), but we won’t mention those.

Jason’s Take
I absolutely admire Danielle and Ben. They’re a couple of the most intelligent people I know (i.e. Harvard Med School and Harvard Law graduates… not too bad!). They love Colorado, good beer, happy food, and their sweet rescue pup, Emma. Our afternoon near the Flatirons was relaxed, like a group of friends enjoying an afternoon stroll through some of the most beautiful scenery on the Front Range. We enjoyed the sun as well as the storms brewing over the foothills. We also, ran about a half a mile back to the cars when the storms hit! We celebrated Danielle and Ben’s wedding this past weekend and absolutely can’t wait to share the images (and, yes, we enjoyed some storms on that afternoon as well!).