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Engagement Photos near Boulder

Engagement photography near Boulder, Colorado. We absolutely love capturing couples planning their weddings in Colorado. They travel from around the country for their engagement pictures and wedding in Colorado. Boulder is one of Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers favorite place to shoot in the front range. There is literally nothing better than engagement photos near the foothills during a classic Colorado sunset.

Boulder Engagement Photographers

These Boulder engagement photographers know plenty of places for amazing engagement pictures. They love to give couples a tour of Colorado's most beautiful outdoor photography locations. As outdoor engagement photography specialists, Jason and Gina know how to use light to create stunning images. Their ability to create a fantastic relationship with their couples, plus their eye for fine art wedding photography, is often raved about by their happy couples.

Boulder Wedding Photographers, Jason+Gina, are wedding and engagement photographers who specialize in outdoor couple photography.

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Alison + David | Engaged



Gina’s Take
What a difference a few weeks makes. We shot Alison and David’s engagement session at the end of May when everything was still green and lush. It’s no secret that, regardless of what we’re doing, Jason and I are happy to be outside on a cool Colorado afternoon. Add to this happy situation our cameras, a sweet couple, sun-kissed sparkly leaves, and amazing depth to green landscape and you have a nearly perfect afternoon. The only thing to improve it would be a few cold ones and a fishing rod. Fast-forward (…) only a few weeks later and Colorado is on fire. Fortunately the recent couple of unusually rainy days have the fires nearly 100% contained. Our entire state breathes a collective sigh of relief and our hearts go out to the families affected by the fires.

Jason’s Take
Speaking of wildfires, I was on a long bike ride near Boulder when the I saw a plume of smoke erupt from behind the Flatirons. It was a windy, dry day with lightning snapping here and there. Apparently, lightning struck just a few miles from this very location and sparked a large fire. I remember thinking,  “Oh no… Boulder is going to burn (and this secret shooting spot we love so much)”. Thankfully, this fire was rather tame and was controlled within twenty four hours. This is one of our favorite locations just outside of Denver/Boulder… the diversity of the landscape makes for some brilliant images. That… and a fantastic couple getting married in the mountains in a couple of months!