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Engagement Photography in Boulder

Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers love engagement photography in Boulder. Whether couples plan their engagement session on Pearl Street Mall, the CU Campus, Chautauqua Park, or in a field just outside of town; this husband and wife photography team enjoy every minute of it. The Boulder outdoors are a perfect setting for vibrant, natural, sun-drenched photos.

Outdoor Engagement Photography

Jason and Gina are outdoor engagement photography specialists. Yes, they only shoot engagement sessions in the outdoors. They prefer the natural light and superb surroundings that the Colorado outdoors offers. These wedding photographers can be found enjoying outdoor activities year round, when they're not shooting weddings!

Engagement Photography Ideas

Kate and Bill loved exploring sites like Pinterest and Style Me Pretty to find engagement photography ideas. They brought a handful of props to the engagement shoot just for fun. There are plenty of engagement photography ideas throughout this website... be sure to take a look around.

Wedding Photographers Jason+Gina, specialize in outdoor wedding and engagement photography throughout Colorado.

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Kate + Bill | Engaged


Gina’s Take
I am surprised every year at how quickly and drastically our seasons change in Colorado… and am equally surprised at how quickly I forget what I’m not currently experiencing! Winter is full of blues and browns and occasionally brilliant white (when we’re lucky). I was amazed looking back at the smoldering warmth in Kate and Bill’s pictures. “Ahhh” I remembered, “that’s Fall.”

Jason’s Take
I love the smell of fresh cut grass in the Summer. I love gliding down fresh powder on a snowboard in the Winter. I love long afternoon runs on a blossoming Spring afternoon. In the Autumn, I love the color of everything. The changing of the leaves, the dry tall grass, the smell of a wood-burning fire nearby. It’s the perfect time of year.

I love shooting in the fall… there’s something magical about the outdoor light. It’s a bit more diffuse, softer, and warmer. Whether we’re shooting in the early morning (as we did with Kate and Bill) or at sunset, as we often do, the brilliance of Autumn is unmatched.

We’re thrilled that this engagement session was also featured on Style Me Pretty.


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