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Boulder Engagement Photography

Engagement photography in Boulder is some of the best in the front range. Boulder, Colorado has some of the most beautiful and easily accessible wilderness areas around. Whether an engaged couple is looking for pictures in the mountains, near the foothills, in an open meadow, near a river, or on a trail; Boulder provides all of these locations within walking distance. Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers often recommend clients choose Boulder for their engagement photography.

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Heidi + Ryan | Engaged


Gina’s Take
We share many passions with Heidi and Ryan. From rescue dogs to humanely and sustainably raised food to a love for the outdoors and the Colorado mountains; Heidi and Ryan are our type of peeps! It is so rewarding as a business owner to put our message and beliefs out there and have like-minded folks respond. Immediately we have a connection outside of the topic of photography. We have the privilege to photograph people we like and would choose to hang out with. I enjoy… really enjoy… every day I strap on a camera. That’s pretty cool.
Jason’s Take
Heidi and Ryan are planning to get married in Steamboat next year. Heidi, a Steamboat native, can’t imagine getting married anywhere else in the world! A number of our clients were raised in Steamboat, and they unanimously recommend Steamboat as a place to grow up and marry in (Amy, Jess, Hannah, and Erin). We truly love Steamboat as well… there are a few mountain towns that we’d like to call home some day (the trouble we face is having to actually choose one town for our mountain home!). Steamboat has all that we love; mountains, trails, fly fishing, snowboarding, food, community and plenty of distance from the highway! A swaying factor would be if Chipotle expands to Steamboat in the next 3-5 years!!