Engagement Photography in Denver: Beth + Josh

Engagement Photography in Denver


I (Jason) have known Josh for years. He’s a great guy who, like me, digs art, plays the piano and guitar, loves good beer and coffee, and thinks deeply (aka over-thinks) about just about everything! Ironically, he had not met Gina and I had not met Beth until we met up for their engagement shoot. We met Josh and Beth at one of our favorite hangouts, Wyman’s No. 5, we fell in love with Beth. Nothing like great beer, or cherry limeade for Gina, to kick start a fantastic afternoon of engagement photography.

Josh lived near Cheesman park for years and spent many afternoons pondering life on a park bench. So, we spent most of the engagement session there exploring the amazing light in and around their favorite spots. Gina, a history buff, told all of us about the history of Cheesman park… did you know that it was once a graveyard (and that not all of the graves were moved when converting it to a park)? Yep – Gina knows all about it and loves to share it with everyone because she thinks it’s totally creepy 🙂 Did you notice how “non-shiny” Josh’s face is in all the pictures? Well, it’s not because we worked some photoshop magic on the shine. No… he is an actor and brought along powder for himself! That’s a first for us, but it worked.

After the park, we headed to Denver’s LoHi neighborhood for a few pics near the pedestrian bridge followed by a fantastic dinner together at Root Down. None of us had been there and we weren’t sure what to think at first, but our dinner was fantastic. The sweet potato fries were out of this world. It was a great night hanging out with our friends… and that can hardly be called ‘work’.