Engagement Photography at the Denver Botanic Gardens | Jennifer+Joe


Gina’s Take
Every time you go to the Denver Botanic Gardens, the ever-changing seasonal plants have transformed it into something new. You never see the exact same thing twice and each stage is beautiful. I think the gardens are beautiful. I also love to go outside daily to check my own flower gardens, see what’s budding, look for new growth, deadhead flowers, etc. So far this spring I’ve already added a new flowerbed and had Jason dig a vegetable garden (at our new house). I love it… being outside is incentive enough, but I find gardening so rewarding and relaxing. All the work I put in produces something beautiful and you can’t say that about much. I’m not sure what gardening has to do with photographing Jennifer and Joe’s engagement, but I do know I have plants outside ready to be planted. And Jennifer and Joe – I can’t wait for your wedding in a few weeks!
Jason’s Take
Sometimes the best way to get to know a person is to spill a drink on them. At our first meeting I got to know Jennifer (and Joe) VERY well!

We always like to meet a couple in person over a hot or cold beverage. By the time we meet them, it’s fair to say that they’ve seen and dig our photography style. The purpose of the in-person consultation, therefore, is to get to know each other – like a first date. Back to Jennifer and Joe… it was about an hour or so into our first meeting with Jennifer and Joe. The meeting was going very well. We liked them, and they liked us. I like to talk with my hands… and in the middle of a story, I tipped a full (tall) glass of a fresh micro-brew right onto Jennifer’s lap. In the midst of my mortification, I offered her the names of some of our photographer colleagues, grabbed the check and high-tailed it out of there. NO… we all laughed, and of course I offered to cover the dry cleaning bill. It has actually been a random, fun anecdote each time we see them. So – fellow wedding photographers, if you want to make sure a couple books you for their wedding – try tipping over a drink onto one of them. Works every time 🙂 Or at least this time.


Jason’s Favorite Image: I love how natural Jennifer and Joe are here… the image on the left is actually Gina and the image on the is mine. (I like Gina’s picture the most! Of course!)
Gina’s Favorite Image: Hey wait… these are my favorites, too! Jennifer gets a coy/shy look sometimes… it is such a sweet moment with her and Joe.


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