Engagement Photography at Washington Park | Rachel + Nate


Gina’s Take
Rachel and Nate have fun together… a ton of fun.  During their engagement session they were amused by the oddities at Washington Park (shoeless jogger, random guy with binoculars, giant rollerblade wheels, a whole group of “Alice in Wonderland” type dressed people…). They played on playground equipment, totally enjoyed being in front of the camera and laughed non-stop. I think you could lock them in an empty room and they would still find a way to have fun. I don’t advocate kidnapping/locking them anywhere, but you get my point. They’re friends, have been for years, and I dig that. That’s the best way to start out a relationship because come hell or high water (inevitable in marriage), you’ve at least got someone who makes you laugh!
Jason’s Take
We met Rachel and Nate for a couple of beers before their engagement shoot. Somehow, I tossed out a “that’s what she said” in response to something Nate said. And, boom – he almost jumped out of his chair. That’s one of his favorite phrases. Therefore, I’d like to personally think the writers of NBC’s The Office for bringing “that’s what she said’ back. Michael Scott – thank you for infusing my brain in such a way that after nearly any sentence, I am often thinking, “that’s what she said”. And I love that during Michael’s final episode with The Office, his final words that we could see him say were, “That’s what she said.” Perfect ending… and perfect start to a new friendship with Rachel and Nate.


Gina’s Pick: Sitting on playground slides and having a blast. I think they’re adorable… and I love me some sun flair 🙂 Great shot Burri (Husband in Albanian. I’m tired of always calling Jason “babe” and am spicing it up!)

Jason’s Pick: Naturally, I love light… lots of light! And the sun reflecting off of the lake at Washington Park was brilliant, bright, and warm.sunny-engagement-pictures-washington-park

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