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Engagement Photos in Aspen, Colorado

Engagement photos in Aspen during a warm Springtime afternoon are an absolute dream for this husband and wife wedding photography duo. They love outdoor engagement sessions filled with beautiful Colorado light and sun. Whether by a creek, on Aspen mountain, near the Maroon Bells, or in historic downtown Aspen, Aspen is one of the most beautiful places on earth for engagement photography.

Outdoor Engagement Photography

Outdoor engagement photography specialists, Jason and Gina, captured this stunning engagement session on a warm March afternoon in Aspen. The engagement shoot began with a glass of wine followed by photos near a creek. The shoot continued through the budding Aspen trees and finished in downtown Aspen. The couple's love for the outdoors and natural light was evident from their first meeting with Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers. Couples that book this wedding photography team tend to be adventurous and have active lifestyles, thus making them perfect for outdoor engagement photography.

Best Engagement Photographers in Denver

Considered to be among the best engagement photographers in Denver, these photographers go out of their way to make sure their clients have the absolute best photography experience. Many couples prefer to have their engagement photography session in the Colorado Mountains including Vail, Breckenridge, and Aspen... Jason & Gina love traveling to the Colorado mountains with their clients!

Springtime Engagement Sessions

Springtime engagement sessions in Colorado can be sunny, snowy, rainy, or a combination of all three in the same day. Clients appreciate that these engagement photographers will travel nearly anywhere and photograph in nearly any type of weather to make amazing engagement pictures for couples.

Jason+Gina are Aspen, CO Wedding Photographers willing to travel throughout Colorado to photograph outdoor Colorado weddings.

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Dani + Anthony | Engaged



Gina’s Take
Aspen is Dani’s hometown. No matter where her life takes her or how much she’s changed, Aspen stays the same. Don’t we all have a place like that?  It could be your hometown, or your parent’s house, or a decade’s worth of Sunday brunches with your best friends. For me, it’s my kitchen, but more than that it’s making family recipes in my kitchen. Whether I’m making my great grandma’s shortbread (and calling my grandma to ask again how I should know when I’ve put enough flour in), sharing the story behind “Bernie’s wife’s banana bread” with my stepkids, or making my grandpa’s scalloped potatoes thinking of his memory; there  is something magical about those well-worn recipe cards. Maybe it’s my sappy sentiment that made me love shooting Dani and Anthony’s engagement session in a place so rich with memories for them. Even so, I loved it.

Jason’s Take
Generosity. This is the one word that comes to mind when I think of our time with Dani and Anthony in Aspen for their engagement session. Their kindness, hospitality, and generosity made me feel that they were somehow transplanted into 2012 from a long-lost generation. A generation with the deep belief that an other’s happiness is more important than your own. The afternoon began, as we waited for the sun to drop from the center of the sky, with cheese and crackers and a bottle of the best Pinot I’ve tasted (Williams Selyem 2009 Pinot Noir). Dani and Anthony took us to a couple of spots they had scouted out for photos (Anthony was a professional photographer for years). We finished the shoot wandering around downtown Aspen before they insisted on treating us to Aspen’s best sushi at Matsuhisa Aspen. Generosity, yep that’s the word.