Downtown Engagement Photography in Denver | Julie + Andy


Gina’s Take
When we meet engaged couples like Andy and Julie I forget that we are wedding photographers being “interviewed” for their wedding. It feels more like we’re in that part in Step Brothers where they realize they have so much in common:

Dale: On the count of three, name your favorite dinosaur. Don’t even think about it. Just name it. Ready? One, two, three.

Dale, Brennan: Velociraptor.

Brennan:If you were a chick, who’s the one guy you’d sleep with?

Dale,Brennan: John Stamos.

Dale:What !?!

Brennan:Did we just become best friends?


Brennan: Do you wanna do karate in the garage?


I had to throw the whole (sensored) quote in 🙂 The better fit we have with our clients, the less energy we have to put towards being “on” and are free to focus on the images (and enjoying the afternoon with new friends). I think we talked about everything from babies to poker to pasty gravy. We met a very sweet homeless man and enjoyed a show from some kids doing tricks on walls and topped the day off with free frozen yogurt from a new shop under the Highland pedestrian bridge. Talk about a fun day at work.
Jason’s Take
Baseball happens to be a game of cumulative tension but football, basketball and hockey are played with hand grenades and machine guns. – John Leonard
Apparently so! Andy has played basketball for years… and years. He’s never had an injury like the broken nose he had (“nose cast” and all) when I met them for the first time. Then, weeks later and two days before the date set for their engagement session, I received an e-mail from Julie. Andy had hit his nose – again – playing basketball. I felt terrible for him. Not just because it must have hurt, but because I knew that he felt absolutely terrible. Julie had been so ready for their engagement shoot… the day was planned out, hair, makeup all set. Then, he busted his nose again. The next day, I talked with Andy on the phone… I have a considerable amount of empathy for a guy that calls to say how sorry he is for canceling their engagement session. In my mind, I thought, “Dude, it’s really okay – and I can imagine how much trouble you are in at home… and I know your fiance is a totally sweetheart… and I know you feel terrible… but seriously… No Big Deal At All!” Why do things like this always happen to guys? I mean, we don’t set out to do things like break a nose two days before an engagement session, or in my case, while jumping on the trampoline, hit your wife in the face with a ball, or watch Seven promising that she won’t get upset but forgetting that someone unexpected dies. It just happens. What are the odds that Andy would break his nose AGAIN, I would kick a ball and hit Gina in the face, or that she would get attached to a murdered side character who I forgot about and cry all night? Luckily Andy and I have amazing partners who forgive quickly and laugh it off in the end.


Jason’s favorite image (below): Props to Gina on this one – she caught them in a moment. No prompting, they just dig each other. Oh and I love that she’s shooting through the architectural structure.
Gina’s favorite image (below): I have to give Jason props for this one 🙂 Cruise Room at The Oxford Hotel where they had their first date. Love her serene smile… it captures a memory.

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