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Though Jason+Gina spend most of their time in the Colorado mountains, they love outdoor weddings in Denver. Active couples who plan their outdoor wedding in Denver love Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers style, personalities and photos. These photographers specialize in sun-drenched weddings for active couples planning their wedding in the Colorado outdoors.

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Wedding photography in Denver can be absolutely beautiful. This Cherry Hills wedding held a private residence in Denver was perfectly sunny, elegant, and gorgeous. The stunning back yard of this Cherry Hills residence provided a brilliant backdrop for a Summer outdoor wedding in Denver.

Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers love outdoor weddings in Denver as well as sun-drenched weddings around the world. Jason and Gina are among the best wedding photographers for active brides in Colorado.

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Caitlyn + Luke | Married


Gina’s Take
Jason and I love shooting a wedding day however it unfolds. With that being said, we have witnessed some pretty incredible moments during a first look. Jason and I actually could not make up our minds (about doing a first look) for our own wedding until we were forced, by the wedding coordinator, to make a decision a few weeks before the wedding… ThanksĀ Debbie for an amazing day. In the end, we decided to have the private moment together. Jason tells our grooms his biggest worry was that the first look would take away from the emotion/moment of me walking down the aisle. To paraphrase, he says, “The first look is it’s own amazing moment, and watching Gina walk down the aisle was a totally different and even more emotional moment.”

What we’ve noticed is that when you are marrying your best friend, spending the day without him or her can be disorienting and kind of stressful. It’s especially hard on our grooms; outgoing men become jittery and reserved guys become chatterboxes. However, upon seeing their bride, a wave of calm washes over them like a cool river. It’s actually quite adorable. Caitlyn and Luke’s first look was not only sweet to witness, it also produced some stunning images!
Jason’s Take
We rarely shoot weddings in Denver. Most of the weddings we’re privileged to be a part of celebrate the outdoors of the Colorado Mountains. Caitlyn and Luke’s wedding, however, took place in the back yard of a private residence in Cherry Hills. The surroundings were incredible. The warmth of the afternoon sun didn’t come close to the passion these soul mates have for each other. Their joy, happiness and sense of fulfillment reminded me of the day I married Gina. It was as if best friends were finally allowed, with anticipation, to call each other husband and wife.