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Gina’s Take
I wish I knew what ingredients went into making something timeless. I mean, centuries have gone by and we’re still moved by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet or Pachelbel’s Canon! I think that mystery is something that draws me to photography. There is something powerful about seeing an old image… it’s holding history in your hands.  Beth chose to wear her grandmother’s hand-made wedding gown for her wedding day. Her grandmother brought the only picture from her wedding day (I strongly encouraged her to get some copies made!) for us to see. Holding the aged picture of this youthful couple in my hands, seeing her 50+ years later, and observing as she watched her grand daughter wearing her gown was truly special.

Jason’s Take
One of the most overlooked family roles in this world is the role of a step-parent. In fact, when Facebook introduced it’s relatives category, it didn’t even have step-parent  as an option. One of the most important decisions of my life was the decision to introduce Gina to my amazing kids. I loved this woman, but how would my kids feel?

I still remember the day she met the kids who were ages 6 and 9 at the time. I was totally confident they would like her immediately (everyone does) but I knew that Gina was utterly and completely nervous. She came to the house, walked in, and sheepishly said, “Hey everyone.” After introductions were made, we all hopped into the car and went to… wait for it… Chipotle. The kids talked non-stop from the time we sat down until we left, three refills of Coke Zero later. I’d never seen them so engaged with anyone before. It was perfect. They loved her. So… I married her 18 months later. She’s absolutely the best stepmom I could have ever imagined. In fact, while I was writing my first draft for this blog post, she was with our son’s class on a special limo ride to Beau Jo’s Pizza for lunch. She just sent me a picture of our boy – all smiles!

I share that story because Travis became an official stepfather on their wedding day. Gina and I both teared up when he got on one knee during the ceremony to read his vows to his son. The little guy, who never sat still and always had a goofy-fun demeanor, became very serious and listened attentively as his dad promised him the world.


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