Denver Engagement Photography | Carrie+Derek


Gina’s Take
Remember when it used to be sunny in Denver? You would go outside and the sun’s golden rays would bathe you in warmth while you cheerfully went about your day… now you’re gloomily laying on the couch in your p.j.s, enveloped by the color gray, and watching depressing movies… but seriously, I miss the sunshine lately. I feel like I’m wilting here! Carrie and Derek’s engagement shoot took place while the sun still shone and just looking at their pictures makes me hopeful that the sun will return ­čÖé

Jason and I met Carrie and Derek for a few beers before we headed to a dog park to shoot… they didn’t bring any dogs with them, which made me a little sad, but I have forgiven them. You may be confused as to why we went to a dog park sans a four-legged friend. Well, this place is basically an open space area that happens to allow dogs to be off-leash. So, you’re not totally a weirdo for showing up with cameras and no dogs. We just walked around, explored the open space, and took some pictures.
Jason’s Take
I love sunny days too… and can’t wait for Summer to stick around for good. There’s nothing better than a long run in the middle of a Summer afternoon (really – the hotter out, the more I love it!). These┬ástrangely┬árainy days in Colorado are great for our grass and trees – but I’m tired of looking outside and thinking, “Well… I guess I’m riding my bike on the trainer and watching another episode of 24.” Nevertheless, Summer is on it’s way and we were lucky enough to have a fantastic afternoon with Carrie and Derek.

Spending time with Carrie and Derek is like hanging out with good friends. Every time I’m with them, I’m laughing, relaxed and feel like I’ve known them for much longer than a couple of months. Their affection for each other is a sweet blend of laughter, sarcasm, gentleness, warmth… and a mutual fondness for great beer.


Gina’s Favorite Picture (above): I just love the color, the light, and I think Carrie and Derek look pretty adorable.


Jason’s Favorite Picture (above): Totally spontaneous… no – we didn’t prompt Derek to pick Carrie up… We were just moving on from that particular spot and he created this sweet moment. Well played.


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